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NCCPA Circular on the meeting held with the Additional Secretary of Health Department!




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Dated: 22.06.2022

Dear Comrades,

The NCCPA CHQ had been receiving innumerable messages, communications and phone calls over the functioning of CGHS in many towns and Cities. Most of the Pensioners had been complaining of the non-availability of cashless treatment from the hospitals empanelled by CGHS. The hospitals had stopped these facilities because of the huge arrear dues accumulated on account of   the non-payment  of their bills by the Government.  The other constant complaint had been the exclusion of reputed hospitals from the empanelled list as the Government through the tendering system has gone in for cheap hospitals which had no facilities worth the name.  Since the deteriorating set up of CGHS had been giving room for similar complaints amongst the working employees, it was decided that the Secretary Generals of Confederation and NCCPA must call on the Additional Secretary, CGHS in the Health Ministry.  Accordingly Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary General, Confederation  and  Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General NCCPA met Shri Alok Saxena, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health  on 21.06.2022.  The following issues were brought to his notice.

(a)    Delay in payment due to empanelled hospitals, consequent upon which the withdrawal of these hospitals from the CGHS.

(b)    The need to revise the rates of procedures, which was fixed in 2014;

(c)     The non-availability of reputed hospitals in many towns in the list of empanelled hospitals of CGHS.

(d)    The need to have an expeditious decision over the health insurance scheme especially for the pensioners who stay in non-CGHS areas;

(e)    Extension of CCS(MA) Rules to pensioners who are not covered by CGHS.

(f)      Need to increase FMA.

(g)    Delay in the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the pensioners in private hospitals on emergency.

(h)    Holding meeting of the National Council JCM committee on health related demands.

Shri Saxena said that the delay in the payment to hospitals empanelled had been due to a hitch in the system that has come about on account of the change in the vendors.  The issue is being addressed and the same would be sorted out in a month’s time, he added.   He also said that instructions have been issued to the CGHS authorities, (spread over the country) to settle the bills of the private hospitals where the beneficiaries have gone for treatment on emergency restricting the entitlement to CGHS rates.  He said that the beneficiaries’ complaints are over the restriction on rates. He explained that some of the rates charged by the Private Hospitals are exorbitant and would be difficult to accept.  Regarding revision of rates, the technical committee of Health Ministry had been periodically reviewing these rates and wherever they had suggested for revisions, the same had been done. In respect of other issues discussed, he assured the delegation that on receipt of the request from the secretary Staff Side the meeting of the committee would be convened as quickly as possible.

The last meeting of the Committee of NC JCM was held in 2019 and even in that meeting, eleven items included in the agenda could not be discussed.  This apart, several agenda items had been sent to the Health Ministry by the Staff Side.  In 2020, a meeting was held only to discuss the corona related issues. Thereafter no meeting had been held and the issues remain unresolved.  The NCCPA National Executive is expected to meet by the end of the month. Most of the affiliates are of the opinion that unless programmes of actions are mounted the resolution would not come about.  The National Executive of Confederation which met on 14th has also come to the conclusion.  However, the Secretary, Staff Side National Council , who is also our President will make efforts to have another round of  discussion with the health Ministry authorities. 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,



Secretary General.



Friday, June 10, 2022

Notice of National Executive Committee Meeting at New Delhi




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Notice: dated: 10.06.2022.


Notice is hereby given for a meeting of the National Executive of NCCPA on 28th June, 2022 at 3.00 PM at AIRF conference hall, AIRF office, State Entry Road, New Delhi. 110 001.  All members are requested to attend the meeting.  Any comrade, who is unable to attend for any reason, may kindly intimate the undersigned by 20th June, 2022 so as to enable him to provide a link for such comrade.  The following agenda will be considered by the meeting.




1.      Review of decisions taken at the last meeting and the implementation of programmes of action.

2.      Submission of statement of account as presented to the Registrar of Trade Unions.

3.      Finance: Payment of dues by the affiliates.

4.      The declining health care facilities and the proposal for agitational programme;

5.      Recommendations of Parliament Standing Committee.

6.      Denial of DR arrears and the statement made by the Government at the SCOVA meeting.

7.      Evolving common demand of all retired personnel whose revision of pension emoluments must be the responsibility of the Government of India. 

8.      Reporting of the deliberations at the NE meeting of the Confederation and other organisations of the working employees.

9.      Financial difficulties in pursuing the issues through litigation.

10.  Organisation: Formal grant of affiliation to the applicant associations.

11.  Holding of deferred Asia-pacific regional conference of TUI – deferred due to corona pandemic.

12.  Any other matter with the permission of the chair including the Observance of 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence.




Secretary General.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

May Day Meesage of NCCPA

May Day Message!

Dear comrades. The May day we all remember for the great sacrifice of those who fought for 8 hour work at Chicago more than a century back. The 8 hour term has now been overturned   by the present Indian government. The need for a total unity of the workers requires no emphasis.The atrocious attempt to divide the society on religious. Caste and region wise must be defeated. Only united movement of workers can do it. Let all pensioners under our banner join the workers to observe May Day. 

Kutty. S. G. NCCPA 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

NCCPA Circular Dated 18th March 2022


NCCPA Circular Dated 18.03.2022

·      Hold Dharna / Demonstrations in front of Offices on 25th March and send Email to Honourable Minister (Draft in the Circular) Pension in solidarity with the two-days Strike.


·      Organize Demonstrations on 5.4.2022 in front of all Offices and send the Email to Honourable Minister (Draft in the Circular) Pension insisting immediate implementation of Parliamentary Standing Committee Report.



(Registered under the

T.U. Act.No. RTU01/2021.Dated.7.01.2021


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President:                Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra. (97176 47594)

Secretary General: Com. K.K.N. Kutty.            (98110 48303)

Dated: 18.03.2022

Dear Comrade,

As you know, the working class in the country will be on two days strike on 28th and 29th March, 2022 against the present economic policies of the Government of India, which has harmed the workers in the country tremendously.  The standard of living of the workers have gone down so  deeply  that none of the segments gets a fair wage today.   By dismantling the public health care system, public  distribution system and the Pubic sector undertakings, the user charges levied for various services have gone up leaps and bounds .  The pension emoluments, which at one point of time, we had thought good enough to meet our basic requirements have become too meagre  given the growing expenses.   Many of the services for which huge amounts are levied including the GST, had been either free or provided at nominal charges in the past.  Concessions granted to the Senior Citizens are all withdrawn.  Above all, the dearness relief which is an integral part of the pension was first freezed and then denied.  The Government has kept back the arrears amounting to crores of rupees with no justification as the economy is reported to have  picked up momentum of growth and the tax collections both  from direct and indirect taxes have surpassed the budgetary estimates .  The various phases of corona pandemic affected severely the pensioner community.  Many are suffering from the post- covid complications and the consequential ailments.

We must, therefore, express our support to the strike and engage ourselves in the solidarity action as decided earlier.  We take this opportunity to remind you of the need to participate in large numbers in the proposed dharna in front of all offices on 25th March, 2022 (this decision of NCCPA having been communicated earlier) to express our solidarity with the striking workers.  A small memorandum addressed to the Honourable Minister of State, Department of Personnel and Pension, North Block, New Delhi is appended hereto.  Kindly send the same to him after the dharna programme is over.

Please go through the letter addressed to the Honourable Minister placed on our website covering comprehensively all issues concerning the grievances and demands of the Pensioners.  The Standing committee of the Parliament in their 110th report to the Lok Sabha has recommended to the Government to grant additional pension of 5% at the age 60, 10% at 70 and 15% at 75 instead of the present 20% on attaining the age of 80 years, increase the FMA to Rs. 3000 p.m. to reimburse the cost of hospitalization even if the treatment was from a non- empanelled private hospital and to cover the pensioners under CCS(MA) Rules.  Coming from such an exalted body, we must mow demand that the Government take cognizance of the recommendation and implement the same as quickly as possible.  It is, therefore, decided that the Pensioners Associations must organise demonstration in front of all offices on 5th April, 2022 and send the following E- mail to the honourable Minister.

“Solicit your kind reference to the 110th report of the Standing Committee of Parliament on pensioner related problems and appeal to you that the concerned officials may be directed to take immediate steps to implement those recommendations.” .


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

KKN Kutty

Secretary General



Memorandum to the Honourable Minister of State

for Department of Personnel and Pension,

Govt. of India, New Delhi.


We submit the following charter of demands containing issues and grievances of pensioners of various sectors.  We had been, as is the case with many pensioner Associations, raising these issues before various authorities but regretfully submit that steps were not taken to resolve those. We feel that even reasonable issues, which do not have financial outflow are not addressed.  Besides, the Pensioner community feels that they are being dragged to litigation which has of late  become extremely costly and unbearable. They are perforce to bear the injustice. Even when the courts favour decisions upholding the contention of the petitioners, Government against their own policy decisions,  drags the Pensioners to higher courts..  Even the Supreme Court decisions are not made applicable to the similarly placed personnel.  We fervently appeal to you to ensure that the Pensioners are not dragged to court; their grievances are attended to within a reasonable time frame and they are replied with the reasons as to why the Government was not able to accept the contentions made by them.  We also request you to kindly cause consideration of the following demands and the authorities are asked to have bilateral discussions with the representatives of NCCPA so as to have a proper appreciation of the demands raised. 



1.       Implement Option No. 1 as  one of the  pension fitment formulae as recommended by the 7th   CPC.

2.        Revise the Pension of BSNL absorbed retirees immediately with 15% fitment; recommended by the 3rd PRC and approved by the government from 01-01-2017, delinking the wage revision in BSNL. Clear all pending medical bills and medical allowance;

3.       Evolve a policy for automatic grant of pension and other pensioner’s benefits to the pensioners and retirees of the autonomous bodies on par with the Central Govt. Pensioners. 

4.       Provide (a) notional fixation of pension under Option No. 3 on the basis of the pay scale/pay

level of the cadre or grade from which the pensioner retired. (b) Provide fixation of pension in the case of all pre 2006 pensioners on the basis of the grade pay/pay level or pay scale of

the post or cadre from which one has retired as per the judgments of Courts.

5.        Extend the benefit of CS(MA) Rules  to all pensioners who are not covered by CGHS.

6.        Increase the FMA to Rs. 3000 as has been granted to PF Pensioners.

7.        Raise the minimum pension to 60% of the Minimum wage. i.e. Rs. 10,800 p.m.

8.       Restore the commutation portion of pension after 10 years.

9.       Provide increased rates of pension on attainment of 65 years onwards as recommended by the Parliamentary panel.

10.   Scrap the New Contributory pension scheme and restore the defined benefit pension

11.   Revise the pension of the  Bank pensioners on  line  with Govt/RBI/Military  and settle the anomalies in pension and other benefits arising out of the amalgamation of Banks. 

12.   Provide the  benefits arising from the court judgements to all similarly placed pensioners.   Viz. the court order for the grant of one notional increment for those who retire on 30th June  and 31st December

13.   Introduce medical insurance scheme for all  pensioners  including the Bank pensioners whoever opts for such a scheme.

14.   Restore the train fare concession to senior citizens withdrawn by the Govt. during the covid period.

15.   To create a welfare fund for all retired personnel on par with the working employees

16.   Equalise the DA payment for all bank employees without distinction between pre and post 1.11.2002.

17.   To increase the ex gratia payment to bank employees retired prior to 1986.

18.   Provide medical and para medical facilities to cover up the shortages to the Railway hospitals catering to the Railway pensioners.

19.   Issue revised PPOs to all Railway pensioners to enable them to draw the revised pension as per the 7th CPC.

20.   Remove 2.5.km distance restriction for the grant of FMA. 


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



(Name of the President/Secretary .)

Name of the Association/Federation.



Friday, March 18, 2022

NCCPA Writes on Pensioners Issues to Union Minister







(Registered undder the T.U. Act.No. RTU01/2021.Dated.7.01.2021


Website: nccpahq.blogspot.in.E mail: nccpahq@gmail.com.

13.c Feroze Shah Road,

New Delhi. 110 001



SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)


Dr. Jitendra Singh

Prime Minister's Office

Minister of State,

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Government of India

New Delhi. 110 001


Dear Sir,



Dated: 18th March, 2022.


Sub:      Grievances and demands of the Pensioners –request for redressal- setting up of a mechanism to have periodical interaction for the Pensioners Association with the authorities.  Regarding.



              The National Co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Association, an apex level organisations of various regional and department wise pensioners Associations of Central Government Pensioners, retirees of Banks,  the BSNL and  various autonomous bodies under the Government of India., had been raising issues pertaining to the grievances , problems and demands of Pensioners and retirees.  In the case of the Bank retirees is that their pensionary benefits are not revised periodically,  their representatives are not being taken into confidence when the wage negotiations are  held with the representatives of the working employees, which inter alia includes the retirement benefits.  Similarly the retirees of BSNL, and the erstwhile pensioners of Department of Telecom are being denied pension revision due from 01-01-2017, unjustifiably linking the pension revision with bad financial condition of BSNL  whereas the entire liability of pension and pensionary benefits to absorbed BSNL pensioners lies with the central government.   They are also aggrieved of the fact that certain benefits like minimum pension, minimum family pension provided for to the Central Government pensioners are  not extended to them .  This apart, the BSNL management has arbitrarily curtailed the  medical benefits to the BSNL retirees and continue to harass the aged and ailing pensioners by resorting to non-payment of even the reduced  medical reimbursement bills and medical allowance for the last four years.  In the case of autonomous organisations set up by the Government of India, the rules and regulations concerning the service conditions of the Central Government employees had been ipso facto made applicable to them.  Still when the matter of pay revision is made and the retirement benefits are revised it is not automatically extended to them on one ground or the other.  In the case of Central Government Pensioners, the non settlement of issues raised by this organisation as also by various other Associations and Federations of Pensioners has given rise to discontent and anger.  Though the Government went about setting up the SCOVA to hear the grievances of the pensioners, the representation to that from the all India organisations like NCCPA has been denied.  Even in the matter of providing grant to the Association from the exchequer, the procedure adopted is incomprehensible.   It is felt by almost all Organisations of the Pensioners that there must be certain transparent and enforceable norms to select the representation in SCOVA .


The CGHS, as you are aware was set up to comprehensively look into the health care matters of both the working employees and pensioners of Central Government Departments.  It had been doing a great service in earlier years and initially there were dispensaries and wellness centres in about 28 Centres.  No doubt the number of such stations has been expanded recently and it is likely to cross 100 . At the stations, where the CGHS dispensaries had been in place, for the convenience of   beneficiaries , reputed private hospitals had been empanelled for in-patient treatment.  We regret to inform you Sir, that the CGHS presently stand as a skeleton shadow of its glorious past.  The Standing Committee of the Parliament decades back had gone into the matter and suggested remedial measures.  Some of these suggestions had been accepted and acted upon.  But many of their recommendations had remained in the paper.  Presently the number of hospitals empanelled for in patient treatment has come down drastically and even those recognised are of sub standard reputation.  There are certain Cities,  we have been told that not a single private hospital stand  recognised as on date.  Even the empanelled hospitals refuses to treat the pensioners on the plea that the Government had not been paying and clearing their earlier bills and had not been revising the  rates of various procedures periodically.   Every aspect of the functioning of the CGHS,  even in the matter of out-patient care has  deteriorated and the pensioners  are virtually in distress.. 


Exasperated over the inordinate delay in remedying the problems and against blatant discrimination some of the Pensioners had resorted to judicial intervention with a heavy litigation cost.  Even when they succeed, the Government prefers appeal, to higher court and drag the petitioner upto the level of Supreme Court    There are very many instances  where the court decisions are implemented only in the case of the concerned petitioner and the similarly placed personnel treated differently.  Despite the highest court dictum on several occasions, the similarly placed personnel are dragged to the court at a very high cost, which is unbearable. Those who cannot afford to go to the court, for the sheer expenses involved, they are left high and dry. Two such cases viz (i) the grant of notional increment for those who retired on 30th June,  and (ii) the date of effect of MACP being 1.1.2006 ought to have given universal application.   We find that in almost all  cases, the financial implications had been very insignificant.  We may state  the details of just one case to bring to your kind notice that as to how this attitude hurts. 


An army Jawan had to approach the Court, when the MACP was denied to him on the ground that the scheme was made applicable by the Government only with effect from September, 2008, whereas the pay scales and other allowances came into being with effect from. 1.1.2006.  The Central Administrative Tribunal found merit in his contention and orders that he must be granted the benefit of MACP.  The Government preferred appeal first to the High Court and then to the Supreme  Court.  The higher courts did not interfere with the verdict of CAT.  Ultimately, the Government implemented the decision in his case but refused to extend the benefit to the similarly placed personnel in the Army. As the Army took strong objection, the Government later made it applicable  to all similarly placed defence personnel.  The scheme is equally applicable to the civil servants.  The Staff Side of the National Council JCM took up the matter with the Government.  However, the issue was not settled.  In an entirely different case, where the plea was that the MACP must be effected on promotional hierarchy and no on grade pay heirarchy,  the Government filed an affidavit stating that the scheme was in the nature of an incentive and it was their prerogative to decide as to which date it must be made effective.  The Supreme Court upheld this contention i.e. the prerogative of the Government.  And on the basis of that all similarly placed civilian employees are denied the benefit.  The question of violation of Art. 14 and 19  amounting to discrimination has not been appreciated by the Government.  The ratio of the judgement in the case of Jawan is applicable only for a few persons, who retired between 1.1.2006 and September, 2008.  Their  number is  very less and among  among them, those who are entitled to MACP benefit would be much less.  What is the type of message sought to be conveyed by the bureaucracy by such attitude to the pensioner community must be pondered over   We leave it for your kind consideration. In any case promotion cannot be considered an incentive scheme and it cannot bear a different date of application that the date of pay scale revision.  In our understanding of the matter what the honourable Supreme Court has upheld was the prerogative of the Government and not the applicable of that prerogative in an arbitrary manner.


During the covid days, the dearness relief for certain period was denied to the Pensioners.  In fact the pensioners were the worst victims of the pandemic.  In the initial days, there had been no vaccine and no curative medicines. Most of the people affected by the pandemic were those beyond 50 or 60.  At some point of time, there had been no space in the Government Hospitals as it was overcrowded by patients due to the pandemic.  The pensioners had to perforce get treatment from the private hospitals which had been exorbitantly costly.  Since the charges were heavy, no reimbursement of the expenses was possible and given.  When vaccination was introduced, CGHS dispensaries were left out from being  an authorised institution.  The freezing of Dearness relief in the given situation was not  objected to in the national interest but the denial of it permanently is altogether  a different matter. The continued denial of DR arrears for 18 months has no justification.  The resource mobilisation capacity of the Government has gone up as could be seen from the revenue collection figures presented by the honourable Finance Minister. 

The JCM National Council, in the past had taken up various problems of the pensioners and had been finding resolutions.  However, the functioning of the council has gone awry and the scheme has almost been dismantled.  Very few meetings  take place.  There is no adherence to the stipulated periodicity. The items introduced in the meeting is stipulated to be decided then and there or at the ost at the next meeting.  Presently, the issues are allowed to be procrastinated without any end for years together.  The facility available for the employees to approach the Arbitration Board as per the scheme is thus effectively circumvented.  Even if those Board of Arbitration decides the case in favour of the employees or pensioners, the Government move the Parliament with a resolution to reject those awards under the special dispensation of the Parliament.  Fifteen such cases are pending.  And presently there is no bench of the Arbitration Board as no case is being referred to it having not reached any disagreement in the recent past in any of the councils.   There had been two Committees set up by the National Council viz. One headed by the Secretary Pension and the other, Secretary Health.  The problems and issues pertaining to the Pensioners had been referred to these two committees.  There had been no meetings of these committees in the recent past.  At the instance of this organisation and  many other pensioners Associations, the Staff side of the National Council had taken up issues before these two committees but could not be resolved as the committees were not meeting at all.  In the annexure to this letter, we have catalogued the items taken up before the Council and consequently before these two committee by the Staff Side National Council,  which have either not come up for discussion at all or remained undecided for years together.  Two members nominated by the Staff Side of the National Council  had been members of the SCOVA.   However in the newly constituted SCOVA their names have been removed.  Their presence and pleadings   had helped the Government to appreciate the issue in all its aspects and take a fair and justified decision.  That has now been done away with.

Our fervent appeal to you in the circumstances is to explore the possibilities of setting up a mechanism whereby the problems of the Pensioners , especially Central Government pensioners, could be periodically discussed with the authorities and resolved.  Such a mechanism can be replicated in the case of Bank retirees and the other PSU pensioners, especially the BSNL.  For the sake of uniformity of approach, it would be better that the machinery looks into the problems of all pensioners retired from the Central Public Sector Undertaking, Banks, autonomous bodies and Central Government employees. 


Incidentally we may solicit your kind attention to the 110th report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee.  It is a very comprehensive report. The report has touched  upon almost all aspects of the life and living conditions of the Pensioners  and the impediments they are per force to face. Some of the significant recommendations made by them are:

I. Grant of  Additional Pension of 5% at 65 years, 10% at 70 and 15% at 75 instead of the present 20% at 80 years.

II. Regarding medical facilities to the pensioners, the Committee has recommended;

(1) Enhancement of Fixed Monthly Medical Allowance to Rs.3000 from the present Rs.1000.

(2) To start CGHS Wellness Centre at every district.

(3) To implement Supreme Court judgement on reimbursement of medical bills for indoor treatment in Non- empanelled hospitals of CGHS.

(4) To include Pensioners in CSMA rules.


Having been found merit in the contention and presentations made by the Pensioner community the  said committee of eminent person who were not only sterling experts in their own field of activities  but the representatives of the people at large,  we are certain that the Govt. will provide serious consideration to  their opinions, suggestions and recommendations  and direct the concerned officials  to act upon them .

In fine, we appeal to your good self to consider our pleas enumerated hereunder  urgently and ensure that speedy resolutions thereof are brought about. 

1.       To consider a permanent mechanism by virtue of which the representative of all India body of Pensioners are selected and participate in the discussion on the basis of a well thought plan as is the case with the JCM.

2.       To evolve a transparent policy to recognise the Pensioners Association and make rules thereof.

3.       To take immediate steps to accept and implement the recommendations of the Standing Committee of Parliament cited in the preceding paragraph.

4.       To kindly take steps to revamp the CGHS to ensure minimum facilities viz. Dispensaries are open, sufficient number of doctors and staff are posted wherever the beneficiary number is more than. 1000. (b) all medicines are available in the dispensary or the wellness centre (c) some permanent arrangement by virtue of which the required medcines could not be dispensed to the beneficiary  resorting to local purchas; , Atleast minimum 5 hospitals are recognised in each city depending upon the population  of that city and three super specialty hospitals required for those suffering from such diseases. Ensures that the payment due to the recognised hospitals are made within three months of the raising of the bill to enable the concerned hospitals to treat the suffering pensioners.

5.       To ensure that the court decisions which are in favour of the Pensioners are not appealed against, the pensioners are not dragged to higher courts and the decisions are universally acted upon making the ratio applicable to all similarly placed personnel.

6.       Enhance  pension at the rate of 10% on completion of every five years as a pensioner.

7.       Settle the family pension in respect of the widowed wife of the deceased pensioner  within a stipulated time frame.

8.       To ensure that the CCS(CCA) rules cannot be invoked in the case of retired persons

9.       The Indian Bankers Association is directed to cause discussion of the pension revision in respect of the retired bank worker

10.   Immediate intervention for pension revision of absorbed BSNL pensioners with 15% fitment recommended by the 3rd PRC from 01-01-2017, delinking wage revision. The BSNL management is advised to take immediate steps to restore the curtailed medical facilities and clear all pending medical bills and medical allowance  to BSNL pensioners immediately.

11.    Pending the setting up of a  permanent negotiating machinery, the Secretary Pension may be asked  to hold discussions with the NCCPA representatives to settle the pension related issues indicated in the annexure to this letter. 


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Secretary General.


Encl: Annexure.



Issues taken up but pending resolution.


1.       Pension revision in the case of personnel compulsorily retired based upon the Basic pay at the time of their such retirement.

2.       Restoration of the commuted portion of  pension after 12 years

3.       Grant of Notional increment for those who retired on 30th June.

4.       Applicability  of 7thcpc pay revision  benefit for those retired on 31.12.2015.

5.       Treating pensioner for guest house facility on par with officials on duty.

6.       Reimbursement of medical expenses of pensioners not covered by CGHS.

7.       To fix a time frame for completion of disciplinary proceedings pending in the case of pensioners.

8.       To exempt disability pension of war heros to be exempted from payment of income tax.

9.       To make divorcee daughter to be eligible for family pension.

10.    Introduction of health insurance scheme

11.   To establish dispensaries/wellness centres at the new stations sanctioned by the Govt.

12.   Ward entitlement of CGHS beneficiaries.

13.   Increasing the fixed medical allowance.

14.   Payment of FMA to the pensioners of National Institute of Ayurveda

15.   To empanel hospitals in each revenue districts in the country.

16.   Strengthen dispensaries taken over from the Postal department by deploying sufficient staff.

17.   Ignore the competitive examination based promotion from the MACP scheme.

18.   Extend CGHS facilities to the pensioners at Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

19.   Resolve the problems concerning the non-availability of essential medicines,  delay in the reimbursement of the bills submitted to the authorities

20.   To extend online consultation facility to all Stations.

21.   To make the date of effect of MACP as 1.1.2006 as per the court direction.

22.   To exempt pension from the purview of income taxation

23.   Grant of advanced pension on completion of 65 years as detailed in the memorandum to 7th CPC.

24.   To monitor and ensure that the grievance of individual pensioners is attended to by the concerned department/ministry.

25.   Grant the arrears of Dearness relief of 18 months,

26.   Restore the facilities of Air and Rail travel granted to senior citizens but withdrawn during corvid period.