Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Executive Council of TUI (P&R) met on 26.06.2024


Trade Union International (P&R) Executive!


The TUI (P&R) Executive Council met today (26.06.2024) and discussed for 3 hours about the Greece Congress (3rd world congress) and the GS report. The Executive was presided by the President comrade Dimos Koumporis. Comrade Quim Boix GS TUI(P&R) anchored. More than 35 Comrades from different countries attended. From India comrade K.G.Jayaraj (Vice Secretary Organisation) and comrade K.Ragavendran (Asia coordinator) attended and presented our interventions in the meeting. 


The Executive Council mainly analysed the 3rd World Congress and noted all positive points and some points on which improvement is needed. TUI (P&R)'s interaction with ILO recently was appreciated by many speakers. English knowing comrades experienced some difficulties in understanding certain speeches made due to absence of translation at times. 


Comrade Quim Boix finally assured that from next meeting, there will be better translation arrangement. He assured his presence in all Regional meetings too. 


The President comrade Dimos concluded with the assurance that all decisions of congress will be enthusiastically implemented and the rights of pensioners and young workers will be fought. He also assured the meeting that the Greece Pensioners has met and decided to strengthen the movement as decided by the Congress. - KR SG NCCPA


Thursday, June 20, 2024

NCCPA Executive Decides on a Programme for Medical and Pension related issues!


The Decisions of the NCCPA Executive held on 19.06.2024 is reproduced below for the information of all Office Bearers and Affiliates to act and start preparations for the grand dharna programme on two Memorandums. Memorandums will ne prepared in consultation with the General Secretaries of Affiliates and placed in our social media - KR SG NCCPA

(Registered under the T.U. Act RTU-01/2021)
NCCPA / Decisions of Executive Dated 20th June 2024
All Office Bearers and Affiliates.
Decisions of NCCPA Executive held virtually on 19.06.2024.

A meeting of NCCPA Executive was held at 3.00 P.M on 19th June 2024. As the President Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra was preoccupied the meeting was presided over by Working President Comrade A.K.Ghosh. Nearly 30 Executive Members participated including the three Patrons.
The Executive started with observing a minutes’ silence for the departed. After the agenda was approved the President called for initiating the first item of agenda by the Secretary General.
Comrade K.Ragavendran stated that all appreciated the holding of 5th AIC at Chennai and called for opinions of members. He recalled the Chennai AIC had given the task to form NCCPA COCs in all States; to propagate formation of Confederation of all Pensioners Associations; and to strengthen the functioning of Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retired). He requested that NCCPA COCs be formed in all States so that all calls of NCCPA and TUI(P&R) are implemented effectively. He also stated that according to the documents the Chennai AIC was fifth after the Jaipur AIC but as per Comrade Mathur (Patron NCCPA), the Chennai AIC was 7th. He called Comrade Mathur to explain the issue.
Comrade Mathur the Patron stated that the 1st AIC was Delhi; 2nd was in Secunderabad; the 3rd was in Jaipur; 4th was in Ratlam; 5th was in Kolkata; 6th was again in Jaipur; and the 7th was in Chennai. A debate followed on this issue.
Senior Comrade Pavitra Chakraborti another Patron clarified that Delhi and Secunderabad are not NCCPA AICs and the numbering as told by the Secretary General is correct.
The issue was set to rest by the Secretary General by stating that whatever documentary evidence can be brought to the next executive by Comrade Mathur or through some other comrade by Comrade Mathur can be considered and the number can be corrected. If documentary evidence cannot be produced then the 5th AIC at Chennai stands good.
Thereupon the executive deliberated on the holding of Chennai AIC and the general opinion was that it was a good conference. Some comrades revealed that though NCCPA has not been functioning in their state, all calls are being implemented through the CGPA COCs. However, formation of NCCPA COCs in all States was insisted by the Secretary General so as to implement all calls effectively in the name of NCCPA.
Next item taken up was the TUI(P&R) World Congress held at Athens at Greece, Comrades who participated physically in the Congress Comrades A.K.Ghosh; D.K.Debnath; and K.Ragavendran and also virtually by Comrade K.G.Jayaraj explained the details of the Congress. The Executive congratulated all the Office Bearers and Commission Members elected in the TUI(P&R) World Congress especially from India.
The memorandum prepared by the Secretary General and submitted to the Cabinet Secretary by NCCPA and ‘Affiliates and the future Programme of action is discussed by the Executive. It was pointed out that though the memorandum was written in good shape, certain omissions were pointed out. Suggestions for future Programme of action also were suggested by the members,
Ultimately it was decided that two memorandums (Memorandum 1 and 2) will be prepared by NCCPA; one for CGHS / RELHS medical issues and the other for general pension related issues. The respective associations will be consulted while preparing the memorandum so that the issues are correctly focused.
There will be submission of memorandum (1) by NCCPA and all Affiliates on 29.07.2024 to Minister of Health and to Director General CGHS by email. State level Dharnas on August 6th (06.08.2024) in front of AD CGHS Offices and handing over of the same memorandum (1) to the AD CGHS to press the demands.
Memorandum (2) on Pension related issues to be submitted to the Prime Minister, Pension Minister and to Cabinet Secretary by email by the NCCPA and all Affiliates on September 5.9.2024. Local (District) level Dharna on 13.09.2024 before a Central Government Office of local choice. State level dharna in front of any Central Government Office or a place of choice to Circles on 25.09.2024.
Our branches should embark upon the meeting the Members of Parliament during early time of October and enlisting their support on both memorandums.
Dharna in New Delhi by NCCPA and Affiliates during the last week of October 2024. (The date will be shortly announced after fixing the date). Delhi Dharna will be on all issues covering the CGHS/RELHS/Medicare Insurance and all other Pension related issues.
NCCPA and Affiliates should take the initiative to organize a press meet before Delhi Dharna preferably during the third week of October 2024. The Press meet should focus on Health issues and Pension related issues. These decisions were due to the fact that without struggles no advancement to Pensioners could be achieved.
The Executive unanimously elected Comrade Sridhar (AIRRF) as the Vice President of NCCPA and Comrades Aram Singh General Secretary of AIRRF and K.V.Jayaraj General Secretary of National Forum for Atomic Energy Retirees to the executive committee as per the unanimous decision of the Chennai AIC.
Then the Treasurer CHQ Comrade G.Kumar presented the audited accounts of NCCPA for the year 2023 and the same was unanimously approved.
Legal action on Pension related issues will be taken up by the next executive.
Comrade K.G. Jayaraj raised the issue of support of NCCPA to their joint struggle under any other item with the permission of chair. He requested that the NCCPA should extend support to the struggle of Joint Forum of BSNL MTNL Pensioners Associations on 2.7.2024 ‘Demands Day’. NCCPA also assured total support to BSNL MTNL Pensioners struggle.
The Executive concluded at about 5.45 P.M with the formal vote of thanks.
Secretary General NCCPA

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NCCPA Emails to Cabinet Secretary on Problems of NPS Retirees


NCCPA sends Reminder to Cabinet Secretary on the interpretations of DOPT OM dated 03.03.2024 and seeks necessary changes: KR SG NCCPA



(Registered under the T.U. Act RTU-01/2021)

NCCPA/Interpretation of NPS Dated 28.05.2024
The Cabinet Secretary
Government of India
New Delhi
Sub: Reminder to Request for clarifications and amendments to the OM dated 03.03.2023 of the DoP&PW- reg
Ref: Letter of NCCPA Dated 31-03-2024 sent by email.
The NCCPA draws your kind attention to the letter sent to you by email dated 31.03.2024 on the subject of “Request for clarifications and amendments to the OM dated 03.03.2023 of the DoP&PW- reg” and urges your good self to expedite favourable action.
The Letter brought the point that the DOPT OM in the Postal Department not applied to the MTS Staff selected by seniority by convening DPCs after 1.1.2024 and the problem of remitting the NPS money received at the time of their retirement in one lump-sum now to get the benefit of OPS. We also raised the point that the commutation should not be rejected on the plea of belated claim in that letter. NCCPA requests for early action on the three points.
The NPS retirees eligible to opt OPS are feeling the difficulties in remitting the money in one lump sum. The OM dated 03.03.2024 of DOPT speaks about the money received at the time of retirement by the NPS retirees to be returned in order to opt for the OPS. The money received by the NPS retirees was spent on several issues on their retirement and now suddenly asking the retired officials to remit back that quantum is unjustified. From where they will be able to remit the spent money? Therefore, the NCCPA requested for adjustment of that quantum of money from the retirement benefits to accrue by embracing OPS. This is like a thing given in paper but actually not given to the NPS retirees. The difficulty was explained in Point No.2 of our letter dated 31.03.2024.
Kindly expedite the favour by your kind intervention.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Secretary General NCCPA

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Memorandum to Cabinet Secretary

 Memorandum to be Submitted to the Cabinet Secretary on Pensioners Long Pending Justified issues!

A lengthy memorandum containing several urgent and important issues of Pensioners is submitted to the Cabinet Secretary today by Email for consideration of the new government to assure office after June 4th.
The Memorandum in MS Word format is placed hereunder:

NCCPA / Memorandum                                           Dated 25th May 2024


The Cabinet Secretary

Government of India

New Delhi – 110001


Sub: Memorandum on Pensioners issues for consideration by the New Government assuming office after June 4th.



National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations submits this memorandum on issues confronted by the Pensioners and Family Pensioners regarding CGHS and some other important Pension related issues. The Association is confident that these issues will receive careful consideration of the New Government assumes office after June 4th.

It is not out of place to mention that the Central Government remitted office recently did not pay necessary attention to the improvement of maladies in CGHS system and other Pension related issues confronting the Pensioners and Family Pensioners for long. We hope that the New Government to assume office after June 4th will seriously consider our issues and take efforts to solve the long pending issues:

1. Maladies in CGHS System:

A) Linkage of CGHS with ABHA: There are numerous maladies in the CGHS System that requires immediate attention for required improvement. Instead of attending for improvement of CGHS as demanded by several Pensioners Associations for years, the Central Government tried to further bring deterioration in the condition of CGHS system and thereby adversely affect the interests of beneficiaries of CGHS.

The glaring example is the OM ( F.No.Z15025/23)/2023/DIR/CGHS (Comp

No.8236195) I/3663776/2024 Dated 28.03.2024) issued by the Ministry of Health & FW for mandatory linking of CGHS with ABHA system. The Central Government one year back while desiring the linkage assured the Pensioners that the move is only optional and not mandatory. But issued another OM recently as above declaring the linkage as mandatory. The Pensioners and Family Pensioners were alarmed by this move of Government because the linkage will forfeit the beneficiaries the right to choose the treatment in a private empanelled hospital of CGHS and force them to the Government Hospital only, if an order to that effect is issued by the CGHS tomorrow or day after citing the adverse financial condition.

The NCCPA requests for abrogation of the recent OMs forcing the linkage of CGHS with ABHA as mandatory.

B) Improvement of CGHS:

1. Opening Wellness Centres in all Districts:

The CGHS System today is present with a lot of problems. The wellness centres are opened only in selected places and not in all revenue districts of the country. Recently the P&T Pensioners also added to the CGHS irrespective of the places of their residence, and thereby the beneficiaries are increased in all districts. But the presence of Wellness Centres in selected places force these beneficiaries to travel longer distances to the places of CGHS for taking the treatment. Thus, the diseased senior citizens are to travel long for consulting CGHS doctors. Moreover, there are no earmarked empanelled hospitals also in their place where they can go and take treatment. The Government should come forward to open wellness centres in all revenue districts or earmark a private hospital till such time in every revenue district for taking treatment by the beneficiaries.

Similarly, there are no empanelled hospitals in many cities and the beneficiaries are to travel long for indoor treatment. For example, the empanelled hospitals are present only in Guwahati of Assam in the entire North East. The difficulties experienced by the diseased senior citizens can be well understood by the Government.

2. Opening Office of AD in all States:

There are newly formed States which do not have any office of Assistant Director so far, like the Andhra Pradesh. Immediate formation of office of AD is very paramount in those states. Similarly, office of AD is kept in other states as in the case of Uttar Pradesh AD at Kanpur is looking after the area of Madhya Pradesh. These aberrations should be ended.

3. Stopping the proposal of PPP of Wellness Centers:

The recent meeting of the Secretary of Ministry of Health & PP with all Additional Directors of CGHS held on 18.04.2024 discussed the item in the agenda for running the CGHS Wellness Centres on ‘Public Private Partnership’. This shows the mental make up of privatization of CGHS by the Central Government. NCCPA is opposed to any such proposal and urges to drop the proposal for turning the wellness centres controlled by private.

4. Augmenting doctors and para-medical staff:

It can be seen that the process of recruitment of doctors and para-medical staff are faulty that even the skeleton strength of Doctors and Para-Medical Staff are absent in most of the wellness centres. The assurances of the Government notwithstanding the condition is full of shortage.  Special effort to augment the Doctors and Para-Medical Staff are much needed and to be undertaken by the Government.

5. Medicines Shortage:

The medicines especially the life-saving drugs are not stockpiled enough at the wellness centres to distribute to the beneficiaries immediately on prescription. Many medicines are to be local purchased and the beneficiaries are asked to come again to the wellness centres to collect those medicines. This forces the Pensioners and Family Pensioners to visit the wellness centres twice and forcing the diseased senior citizens like this is cruel. NCCPA requests for suitable remedial action.

6. Enhancing the cost of treatment:

The controversy that the cost of variety of treatments and pathological tests was fixed in as far back as in 2014 and not commensurate with the new costs charged by private hospitals forced many such hospitals wriggling out of empanelment. Moreover, many specialist doctors in empanelled hospitals are not interested to consult and treat CGHS patients because they think that more money can be earned by consulting other patients. This is also due to the prevailing lower rates in CGHS. Despite the claims of the Government in the past, the cost of several treatments was to be revised and the government has taken that effort and is in the process of enhancing the rates. Our concern is the rates are to match the prevailing rates and a mechanism to periodically revise and enhance the rates should be in place. This mechanism should be constructed in consultation with all stakeholders. The situation as presented before us wherein several empanelled hospitals wriggled out of the system should not be allowed to be repeated again so that the CGHS beneficiaries are not troubled.

7. Entitlement of Wards:

The Government should not be stingy in allowing the ward entitlement to the CGHS beneficiaries from the back date. The refusal to revise the entitlement of ward from general to semi-private or semi-private to private should be looked into in the background that the beneficiaries are collected at the rates of suggested by an intervening Pay Commission and these new rates are common to old and new pensioners. When the income is for all pensioners, the government should make the expenses also for all pensioners and therefore the ward entitlement must be for all.

8. FMA enhancement and Insurance Scheme:

FMA has been recommended to be enhanced to 3000/-per mensem by the Parliament Standing Committee. Earlier before the 7th CPC the Pensioners Associations have demanded enhancement to 2000/-. The Parliament Standing Committee recommendation is based on current ‘after corona’ situation. However, the Government is delaying taking a decision on grant of FMA. This is very important issue as the out-patient treatment of non-CGHS area-pensioners is paramount on this issue. Similarly, the Government is delaying abnormally the introduction of an insurance system. After all any insurance system is based on the contribution of the insurant only. Even in SCOVA the Government is committed to an insurance scheme early but the delay is causing mental and physical strain on the pensioners.

C) Cancelling NPS and restoration of OPS:

The National Pension System was introduced by the UPA-2 Government in the past and today after 20 years long experience with the NPS we can say that NPS is not ensuring adequate pension to the employees despite 10% contribution by them every month. Besides the Government is also on its part contributing to the NPS and the funds are being used by private players for their growth. Many State Governments have withdrawn the NPS and restored the OPS including some State Governments which followed the Central Government without thinking too much. It is seen that many organizations of employees, pensioners and NGOs are organizing big demonstrations in Delhi and the N-JCM has even proposed an indefinite strike for restoration of OPS. It is high time that the Government revokes the NPS and restores the OPS. 

D) Restoration of Senior Citizen Travel Concession:

During Corona Pandemic the travel concession in Train Journey was withheld by the Indian Government but even today in the name of profit to Railways the concession is not restored. The travel concession was granted as a measure to grant concession to senior citizens and this Government’s action of not restoring the concession is clearly anti-senior citizens. Such measure should not be looked into as profit and loss while the Government has no hesitation to write off lakhs of crores of rupees bank loans for the corporates without batting the eye. NCCPA urges to restore the concession immediately.

E) Constitution of 8th CPC:

The inflation rate in the country has already made the real pension a mockery. The Dearness Relef granted has already crossed 50% mark. The Pay Commission will take its time and the Government its time to examine the recommendations. Therefore, it is high time to constitute 8th Pay Commission now so that the recommendations are examined and implemented from 1.1.2026. There is only 19 months’ time left for the next revision of pension updation implemented.

F) Updation of pension for BSNL Pensioners:

Pension Updation from 1.1.2007 is not done for BSNL Pensioners and the Government is adamant in refusing the same that unless the serving staff are given wage increase the pensioners cannot be granted. The serving staff also denied any wage increase in the name of loss to BSNL. The Pensioners of BSNL are tortured because of the stand of the Government and the suffering is too much due to the trend of inflation. The Government should come forward to update the pension by 15% immediately with effect from 1.1.2007 and render justice.

G) Bank Pensioners denied Updation for decades:

The Bank Pensioners are denied any updation despite the repeated wage agreements to the serving bank employees. The argument of the Government that there is nothing in the original agreement about updation at the time of granting the pension as the third benefit is not tenable. The Bank Pensioners are denied any updation for decades. Similarly, the Bank Pensioners are denied any medical treatment unlike the serving staff of Banks but the Pensioners are to pay heavily for their Medicare. There is no justification to continue the stand of the Government. NCCPA urges the new Government to revise its stand and grant updation of pension and equal medical treatment facility like the serving staff of banks to the bank pensioners.

H). Commutation of pension period:

At present for 15 years period the recovery against commutation of pension is continuing. The 5th CPC had recommended for reducing this period to 12 years. Even the Judicial National Commission appointed by the Supreme Court had recommended for reducing the period to 12 years. The interest rate fixed by the RBI has gone down. The mortality risk factor is also reduced and as per the Institute of Actuaries the mortality risk factor has 41% reduced now. It is a fact that at present the recovery is completed before 12 years and the recovery continue to be made in 13th to 15th year are clearly in excess. Many State Governments like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat have already reduced the period of commutation less than 15 years despite their financial problems. The words of Minister of State of DOPT in Parliament on 21.12.2022 that the matter of restoring the commuted pension has been referred to the Finance Department should not be forgotten. It is high time that the Central Government also come forward to reduce the period of commutation of pension recovery.

I). Grant of Notional Increment to 30th June and 31st December retirees:

Many Courts including the Supreme Court had directed that notional increment to be granted and pension refixed for the 30th June and 31st December retirees. These pensioners work yearlong and for the convenience of Government only the date of increments was changed into 1st July and 1st January after 1.1.2006 and 1.1.2026 respectively. There is no justification to deny the benefit in the name of fundamental rules to CG Employees. It is pertinent to point out that some State Governments like Tamil Nadu had already amended the FR of State Government Employees to grant the notional increments. The OMs issued by various departments of the Central Government differs funnily whereby some grant the facility to all, while some other grant from the date of Judgement, while others restrict it to litigants. The DOPT is not coming forward to release its own OM. The Chairman of SCOVA also desired and directed the DOPT to consult the Attorney General early in the matter. NCCPA requests the Government to early change the FR to grant the notional increment to all retired and retiring on 30th June and 31st December.

J). Grant of Additional Pension as and when a Pensioner enters 80 years of age:

The Honourable Courts including the Supreme Court had ruled that additional pension of 20% should be granted to pensioners as and when they enter in their 80th year of age. The Government’s interpretation of completing the age of 80 as attaining the age was not acceptable to courts. Moreover, the Government had gone to Parliament to revise the FR for Judiciary to deny the benefit of Guwahati High Court verdict to Judiciary. After the High Court and Supreme Court judgments the relevant sub rule 6 of 44 and sub rule (3) (a) of 50 CCS Pension Rules 2021 needs amendment. It is therefore pertinent to grant the additional pension as and when a pensioner enters the age of 80. NCCPA requests to amend the FR of CG Employees so that they are made eligible to receive the additional pension as and when they enter their 80th year of age.

K). Additional Pension from 65 years of age:

The Parliament Standing Committee has recommended that the additional Pension may be granted from attaining the age of 65 instead of granting on attaining the age of 80.The recommendation says that on attaining 65 the additional pension @ 5%; on 70 it should be 10%; on 75 it should be 15% and when they attain 80 years the additional pension can be 20% and so on. The Pensioner should enjoy the additional pension as the inflation is robbing the pensioners this happiness. The Government should keep the pensioners at the same living standard as they were under service. Grant of additional pension from the age of 65 can be a step towards this end. NCCPA therefore urges for grant of additional pension from the age of 65 onwards.

L). Frame Recognition Rules to Pensioners Associations:

There are no rules of recognition to Pensioners Associations at present like the service unions which are recognized under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 etc. Selection therefore to SCOVA and Pensioners Portal are made at the whims and fancies of Government. The members selected to SCOVA also not in a position to raise subjects on their own as the Government selects the subjects. There are no statutory rights to the forum of SCOVA also. To put it mildly, this is not desirable in a democracy. NCCPA requests the Government to initiate talks with all stakeholders to frame rules of recognition to all-India and State level Pensioners Associations.

M) Formation of National Litigation Policy:

Most of the cases filed in different courts against the employees and pensioners are by the Government at the Centre, State Governments and the Public Sector Undertakings. The Supreme Court had revealed this information. Accordingly, the Central Government in 2010 had tried to frame a ‘National Litigation Policy 2010’ but given up. A National Litigation Policy 2015 was in the air but not seen the light of the day. Now we are in2024 but there is no National Litigation Policy by the Central Government. The result is that the number of cases against the employees and pensioners are on the increase by the Official Side. More over the trend that calling the Judgments as “In Personam” and not as “In Rem’ even when the case covers most of the similarly placed is not at all justified. Dragging poor pensioners to courts at their old age is not at all justified. NCCPA request for early framing of appropriate ‘National Litigation Policy’ to drag each and every pensioner to different courts at their old age.

Hope and Trust that these issues will be settled early by the New Government so that the senior citizens in the country feel a sigh of relief.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,



Secretary General NCCPA

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Greet the Success of World Congress of TUI(P&R)


Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees) 3rd World Congress


The 3rd World Congress of TUI (P&R) is being organized at Athens (Greece) from 14-18 April, 2024. Greece is an European Country and we learn that the Pension Quantum was reduced 17 times in that country and many Pensioners committed suicide also. Powerful movement by the Pensioners Associations and Working Class of that country headed by WFTU and TUI(P&R) have been launched. An appropriate country to hold the World Congress of the TUI(P&R).


From India, six Delegates and one Visitor representing NCCPA, AIBDPA and AIPRPA as well as a new Affiliate ‘All Kerala Bank Retirees Forum’ and an accompanying husband of a woman comrade from AIBDPA are to attend. So far VISA is granted to 5 Comrades by Greece and the remaining two are trying for VISA.


Comrades K.Ragavendran Secretary General NCCPA and TUI Asia Coordinator; D.K.Debnath General Secretary AIPRPA; A.K.Ghosh Working President NCCPA and Member of the Finance Commission TUI(P&R); Swastika Dasgupta AIBDPA Vice President and Member of the Women Commission TUI(P&R); her husband got the VISA so far.


Comrades K.G.Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA and Executive Committee Member TUI(P&R); M.Suresh General Secretary AKBRF and a new Member TUI(P&R) have not been given VISA so far by the Greece. The attempts are on and shortly the results will be known.


The World Congress of TUI(P&R) is expected to be large with representatives of a large number of countries of the world. The World Congress will review our past growth and plan for the movement to be launched by the world pensioners and retirees in all countries. We know well that already each year October 1st is being observed as “World Pensioners Day” by the TUI(P&R) synchronizing with the UN Call of “World Elders”. Against the medical mafia who charge different medicines with different prices with a profit motive is targeted and the world congress will plan action.


From India, we are going to emphasize an excusive action in addition to World Pensioners Day as decided in our Thiruvananthapuram Regional TUI (P&R) Conference recently. It is an occasion to understand the condition of Pension and
Social Security in all countries today and to plan for appropriate action. We will also take up the new affiliation to TUI(P&R) the ‘AKBRF’ and ‘DRPU’ as they have expressed their desire to become affiliates of TUI(P&R).


NCCPA greets the Trade Union International (Pensioners and Retirees) for its successful World Congress at Athens (Greece).

Tuesday, March 26, 2024


 NCCPA Monthly journal soon!

Dear Affiliates and Comrades!

NCCPA Monthly soon at your Hands!

NCCPA monthly journal will.soon be opened circulation. All efforts are on.  The name (title) of the journal will be as approved by the RNI. Expect the announcement soon in the month of May, the working class month. All action is being carried out at Tiruchy and Chennai. We are confident that the NCCPA monthly organ will be soon in your hands. New suggestions for the journal are welcome. All are free to suggest the new topics to be in this journal. It is planned that 24 pages of running matter + 4 pages of colourful wrapper will adorn the journal. 

The annual price of the monthly for Jan to December will be 240/-. All affiliates are kindly requested to enroll subscribers from now onwards @ 160/- from May to Dec (8 issues). Remittance detail will be shortly intimated. Individual subscribers are requested to send EMOs for 160/- (For 8 months from May to Dec) to "NCCPA, 29 South Agraharam, Kattuputhur 621207, Tiruchy District,  Tamilnadu".

Cooperation of all Affiliates and well wishers are kindly solicited.


Friday, March 8, 2024

International Women Day Symposium!

 March – 8: International Women Day

The International Women Day on March 8 is observed in the whole world. It is evident that the countries of Socialism depict a different picture of safety and economic freedom to the women in contrast to the capitalist world that is no doubt the overwhelming majority.

In the capitalist world, the women are looked upon as sex objects and women trafficking is a major concern. Girls and women are forced into sex trade and there is no humanity in this flesh trade. There is no financial freedom to women in the capitalist countries where the working women also are financially subservient to the men folk especially the husbands. The equal pay for men and women is still a far cry in most of the countries except in big businesses and Public Sectors. 

International Women Day should be an eye opener and the women folk should come out openly in opposing the injustices against them. The day is creating awareness among the women folk more and more. But, wearing of same sarees in the offices and celebrating the day with sweets etc are not going to bring the situation to any change and the struggles alone can lead to emancipation. The men folk no doubt should involve in the struggle but it is the women who have to organize themselves and agitate against the prevailing injustices. 

WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) has taken initiative to organize a symposium online today at 8.30 P.M IST. The topic of the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM is “THE ROLE OF WORKING WOMEN IN THE INTERNATIONAL CLASS ORIENTED TRADE UNION MOVEMENT”. DANIA LEYVA (Cuba) and CINZIA DELLA PORTA (Italy), members of the Educational Committee of the IWI (International Workers Institute) will be addressing the symposium.

All are invited to participate online in Zoom. The LINK to Zoom is: 

826 1504 3923