Monday, October 22, 2018

Attention Affiliates!

Published hereunder Circular Letter of NCCPA addressed to All affiliates and State Units

Dear Comrade,

Kindly refer to the decisions we had at our National Executive meeting held at Chennai on 05.08.2018.. In accordance with the deliberations, we have contacted advocates over the filling petition before CAT Delhi, in the matter of MACP and Option No.1. In so far as MACP is concerned, as per the advise tendered,   we have placed a write up on our website last month. The same is being published the in this bulletin. We request to the effect, comrades to response to that letter immediately.

In respect of Option No.1; there are two possibilities. To file a petition challenging the very decision of the Govt in the rejection of the Pay Commissions Recommendation is one possibility. Another is to file a petition by the aggrieved pensioners, who lost out monetarily due to the stand taken by the Govt.

The CGPA Kerala has given a case of individual comrades, who had lost out in the process. We waited some more identical cases to make a comprehensive petition before the Tribunal.

In the last Central Working Committee meeting has reported earlier to interpretation emerged of what Option No. 1 is. The advice we received from our advocate is to subject the two interpretations to judicial scrutiny when we challenged the order.  What is specifically needed is to provide to examples of pension fixations computed on the bases of the two interpretations.

Kindly favour US with copies of petitions by the affected comrades through email to proceed furthe in the matter.

With greetings.
Yours fraternally
KKN Kutty
Secretary General

Sunday, September 30, 2018

National Convention of Indian Working Class

National Convention of Workers

Press Release
Central Trade Unions call for
Nationwide General Strike on 8th and 9th January 2019

National Convention of Workers decides to go for Nationwide General Strike on 8-9 January 2019 against the anti-people, anti-worker, anti-national policies of the BJP-led NDA Government.

The National Convention of Workers held today, the 28th September 2018, in Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi, decided to go for two days’ Nationwide General Strike on 8-9 January 2019 against the anti-people, anti-worker, anti-national policies of the BJP-led NDA Government.

The convention was jointly called by the ten Central Trade Unions (INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC,TUCC, AICCTU, SEWA, LPF, UTUC), in association with all independent National Federations of Workers and Employees, of both Industrial and Service sectors, Central Government and State Government employees, including Railways, Defense, Health, Education, Water, Post, Scheme Workers etc; in the public sector undertaking such as Banks, Insurance, Telecom, Oil, Coal, Public Transport etc, Factories, and from the unorganised sectors-Construction, Beedi, Street vendors, Domestic Workers, Migrant Workers, Scheme workers, Home based workers, rickshaw, auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers, agricultural workers etc., expresses serious concern over the deteriorating situation in the national economy due to the pro- corporate, anti-national and anti-people policies pursued by the Central Government and some of the States ruled by the BJP, grievously impacting the livelihood of the working people across the country.
The Presidium of the Convention consisted of Ashok Singh, Ramendra Kumar, S. N. Pathak, K. Hemlata, R. K. Sharma, Probir Banerjee, Lata, Santosh Rai and Shatrujeet Singh.
Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy (INTUC), Amarjeet Kaur (AITUC), Harbhajan Singh Sidhu (HMS), Tapan Sen (CITU), Satyavan (AIUTUC), G.R.Shivshankar (TUCC), Manali Shah (SEWA), Rajeev Dimri (AICCTU), Sanmugham (LPF), Ashok Ghosh (UTUC) addressed the Convention. Shivgopal Mishra( AIFR) and Guman Singh (NFIR) also addressed the convention.
The Convention noted with utter dismay that the Government has been continuing to arrogantly ignore the 12 point Charter of Demands on minimum wage, universal social security, workers’ status and including pay and facilities for the scheme workers, against privatization of public and government sector including financial sectors and mass scale contractorisation, ratification of ILO Convention 87, 98 etc. being jointly pursued by the entire trade union movement of the country. The ILO Convention 177 on Home Work and 189 on Domestic Work are also yet not ratified.

The Convention expressed its grave concern on scraping of hard-won 44 Central Labour Laws and replacing them with 4 employer-friendly Labour Codes and introduction of Fixed Term Employment through executive order. The Convention also expressed its anguish over New Pension Scheme and demand restoration of the old Pension Scheme. The Convention expresses solidarity with the fighting farmers and the Transport Workers of Rajasthan who are on an indefinite strike since 16th September, 2018.

This National Convention of Workers recorded its strong denunciation against the communal and divisive machinations on the society being carried on with the active patronage of the Government machinery. The BJP Governments are using draconian UAPA, NSA as well as the agencies of CBI, NIA, IT to harass and suppress any dissenting opinions.  The peace loving secular people in the country are facing a stark situation of terror and insecurity all around. Working Class will raise its strong voice of protest.

In order to serve the interests of the multinational companies with Indian corporate, the present Government is pursuing blatantly anti-people, anti-workers and anti-national policies at the cost of severely damaging the national economy and destroying its indigenous productive and manufacturing capabilities. Such a regime must be defeated squarely to force the pro-people changes in policies on all fronts. This united platform of the working class resolves to heighten its struggle to that end.

The National Convention of workers adopted the following programmes:

1.    State level, district level and industry/sector level joint conventions  to be held during October/November 2018
2.    Joint Industry-level gate meetings, rallies etc. during November and December,2018
3.    Submission of strike notice jointly with demonstrations during 17-22 December, 2018
4.    Two days countrywide General Strike on 8th and 9th January 2019.

The National Convention called upon working people across the sectors and throughout the country irrespective of affiliations, independent unions, federations, associations to make the above programmes a total success.  

MACP Court Case and Need for Representations from Pensioners

National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations
New Delhi
Dear comrades,

As you must have read in our last issue of News Letter, the NCCPA National executive has decided to seek Judicial intervention in the matter of making MACP effective from 1.01.2006. Those who are willing to be participants of the litigation may kindly give the following details to the CHQ. This is needed for the preparation of the attendant and prayer
1.    Name
2.    Date of Birth
3.    Date of entry into Govt Service
4.    Name of the department
5.    Date of Joining the cadre/ Grade from which retired.
6.    Whether MACP is entitled to be awarded and if so the dates from which each promotion was due. Ist, 2nd and 3rd
7.    Date of retirement
8.    Whether MACP benefit was conferred or not and if so how many financial upgradations were given
9.    When was the 3rd MACP due and
10. Whether on 1.01.2006 3rd MACP had become due or not
11. Whether reverting the date of effect of MACP to 1.01.2006 will benefit and if so how: explain briefly

We are appending a petition to be addressed to the Heads of the department from which you retired asking them to act upon the judgement of the Supreme court. Kindly fill the petition immediately with due acknowledgement procedure:






I was recruited to the Department on…….. and joined the office at……. as    ……….(cadre). As per the MACP scheme I am entitled for the financial upgradation 3 times in my service career. I give hereunder the dates on which I should have been conferred  MACP as on those dates I had completed 10, 20 and 30 years of service.

 I also give hereunder the dates on which regular promotions were granted to me.

I solicit your kind attention to the Judgement delivered by the honourable Supreme Court in the case of UOI Vs Shri Balbir Singh dated 08.12.2017. By Virtue of the order in 14(1)/99-D(AG).dated 25.07.2018 the GOI has made it applicable to all Defence personnel. Since MACP is based on the same ratio both for Civilian employees and defence personnel, the said order ought to have covered all similarly placed personnel. By not doing so, the said order of DOPT is discriminating. The honourable Supreme Court Order makes it abundantly clear that the MACP ought to have been effective from 1,1,2006. Accordingly I am entitled for MACP upgradation with effect from
                        1st promotion
                        2nd Promotion
                        3rd promotion

I shall be grateful if the ratio land down by the Supreme Court it made applicable in my case and I am granted the financial benefit from the dates from which I am entitled to be promoted on MACP basis. As I retired from service, on…………..my pension entitled may also be accordingly revised and the consequent arrears granted to me.
I request you to kindly consider my petition and grant financial upgradation on the following dates and arrears of salary pension.

Thanking you

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kerala Flood Distress Relief by AIPRPA States! 

We have seen that instant response to our call for contributions to Kerala CM Distress Relief Fund was great. AIPRPA CHQ wants full particulars of such contributions in cash donation and in kind to kerala. All are requested to email to aiprpachq@gmail.com giving full information. Kindly put the subject of email as "Kerala Flood Relief" - A full list of contributions will be placed in our website, so kindly respond immediately - KR GS AIPRPA

Saturday, September 15, 2018

NCCPA will move the Court of Law for Option 1 and MACP from 1.1.2006!

The NCCPA National Executive held at Chennai had decided to move CAT Principal Bench on both issues. This was communicated in NCCPA circular already.
But before filing the case on MACP implementation, in addition to NCCPA organisation, many individual petitioners are also required. Therefore all our affiliates are requested to guide their members to represent appropriate authorities requesting implementation from 1.1.2006. These representations should be sent by speed post or registered post to have proof of sending.Such representations (copy) together with reply from authorities should've collected by affiliates for transmitting to NCCPA CHQ. This is very urgent.
KKN Kutty
Secretary General 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Senior leader Dhaktod Passes Awat!

Comrade D.V.Dhaktod Vice President NCCPA Amar Rahe! 

Comrade D.K.Dhaktod of Nagpur has breathed his last at 8.00 P.M yesterday. His fight at his age of 84 with nature for the past two three months in hospital ended with the last laugh of nature. Comrade Dhaktod's life is an inspiration to all. His commitment, dedication, sincerity and humbleness will always remembered. His contributions to the movement of employees and pensioners are great. He held the responsibilities of General Secretary of P&T Audit & Accounts Employees Association during the formative stage of that militant association. Along with comrade S.K.Vyas, he took all leading role in strengthening the united 'Joint Action Committee' of all Audit and Accounts Associations of various departments to reach victory on vital demand of parity will always remain green in memory of thousands of accounts employees.  He played his yeoman role in the movement of confederation of CG employees. He was the founder along with senior late and lamented S.K.Vyas in forming BCPC. He was the Chairman of Nagpur CGPA organisation that has a great role in uniting all pensioners under NCCPA. He was the Chairman of Vidharba Coordinating committee of Pensioners Associations. Despite his health, he hosted the National Executive of NCCPA at Nagpur recently. His presentations in our meetings were up to the point and vital. His contributions in the united meeting of various pensioners' organisations in framing the common memorandums of Pensioners before successive pay commissions were huge. His concerns to the suffering pensioners and family pensioners exhibited in his every action is an inspiring example for everyone to emulate. We have indeed suffered irreparably in his passing away. NCCPA dips its banner in memory, respect and honour of Comrade Dhaktod. Comrade Dhaktod Amar rahe! -KKN Kutty Secretary General 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Appeal for Donations to Kerala!

An appeal for financial help to overcome an horrible situation in Kerala

The unprecedented rains in Kerala, which lashed the coastal state for the past one month or more, caused havoc of horrible nature. The rains caused landslides in the hilly regions of the state, where the density of population is as high as in the Plains. Almost all dams numbering about 40 and reservoirs came to the brink of danger mark, not happened any time in the recent history. The authorities were left with no alternative but open the shutters of the reservoirs which created another terrible situation not only in the hills but over the Plains too. Every river in the state began to overflow creating horrendous disaster. Kerala is full of rivers, rivulets, canals and blackwaters besides innumerable water bodies. The water that gushed through the outlets drew houses and other buildings into it. The relief operations of the State Government ably assisted by all political parties, their workers and other voluntary organizations did an exemplary job in rendering help to the affected people. Despite this all-out efforts hundreds of people lost their life and thousands lost their lifelong savings and properties. Red alert was in operation in all the fourteen districts of the State indicating the extent of havoc created by the nature’s fury. Most of the villages, towns and cities have become islands, surrounded by water and cut off from each other. Rail and road traffic were severely affected. The air traffic  at Cochin Air Port came to a standstill. The low-lying areas, the river bank hamlets all are submerged under water. Electric installations pump houses roads and many buildings have been destroyed. The loss of property is alone  estimated to be at Rs. 9000 crores. Army, Paramilitary forces, Navy and Airforce personnel, Coast Guards, National Disaster Relief Forces have all been involved in the rescue operations, besides the State police and local people. The state is facing a war-like situation needing help from all. The rain has been continuing unabated.

Elsewhere in this issue we have published the appeal made by Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, the honourable Chief Minister of Kerala. We appeal to all our constituent affiliates, state units and members to donate to the Chief Ministers relief fund directly. Please convey this appeal by organising unit meeting  or through WhatsApp, Facebook, circulars and other means. The NCCPA headquarters may be informed of the donations by each units and members of NCCPA.

Secretary General NCCPA