Friday, October 27, 2017

Successful Mobilization of Pensioners under the banner of NCCPA

NCCPA holds Massive Dharna!
At 'Meghdoot Bhawan' New Delhi today a massive Dharna at the call of NCCPA is in progress now. Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra President NCCPA is presiding. Comrade VAN.Namboodiri Patron NCCPA is delivering inaugural address. Hundreds of pensioners representing various affiliates are attending. The dais is seen with leaders comrades KKN.Kutty (SG NCCPA); M.S.Raja (SG Audit); S.C.Maheswari (GS BPS); D.Balasubramanian (GS AIFPA); K.G.Jayaraj (GS AIBDPA); K.Ragavendran (GS AIPRPA); and leaders of different affiliates. The Dharna highlighted issues like Option number1; Pre-2006 Pensioners issue; full Medical facilities to pensioners; FMA enhancement etc. The dharna was also addressed by leaders like Comrades Swapan Chakraborti (Dy.GS BSNLEU); Ashok Ghosh Dy.Secretary West Bengal COC of CGPA); Somaiah (GS Ground Water Pensioners); M.N.Reddy (GS Telangana All Pensioners and Retired Persons Association); Kanojia (Income Tax Pensioners Federation); and Rajinder Prasad Verma (AIPRPA).  At the end of the dharna a memorandum was handed over to Chief PMG for onward transmission to the Government. The Memorandum covered all the ten issues that got focus in the programme.

Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra addressing NCCPA Dharna!

President of NCCPA and Staff Side Secretary National Council JCM comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra is delivering his address now at the massive Dharna of NCCPA at New Delhi. He emphasized that without a struggle the demands of neither the employees nor the pensioners will be accepted by the Government. He explained the details of discussions with the Government authorities and the trend of negative attitude in the discussions.

Tapen Sen M.P and GS CITU addressing Dharna of NCCPA
Govt denies pension to those employees who toiled all through his life for the service of people and nation. If the service organisations are vibrant and fighting, then only pensioners issues can be advanced. This important aspect you comrades not to forget. Parliament is coming up. Government is selling the nation. They talk nationalism but do anti-national policies. All central TUs are unitedly organising Dharna in November for three continuous days. That Dharna is against the anti-worker and anti-people policies of govt. The corporates able to fool people and that is why they maintain their grip on people. But if you continue to fight against those policies that harm people, that grip will weaken. It is no more a govt supporting the corporates; it is a govt of corporates! Today all unions are in one platform to oppose privatisation. This is the change that you can't see ten years back. I take this opportunity of Dharna of senior citizens to tell you in addition to fight for your demands, also come forward to unite with all sections in common struggle. You speak about judgments implemented only to litigants! But the govt got power and majority to enact in parliament to reject any judgment! Therefore concentrate on your mobilization and fighting capacity! PF.ESIC like social security organizations have lit of money; this will be pooled under a commission headed by PM to use it elsewhere! Independent experts probably proposed by RSS will be the members instead of employers and employees now in these organisations. This is the kind of situation you are today. Let all join together and protect social security and universal pension. You should join mainstream of working class movement. If we unite and identify our enemy, then no force can defeat us!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

NCCPA Circular on 25th Dharna in New Delhi


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 New Delhi. 110 001
SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)

Dated 18th October, 2017
Dear Comrades,

            Due to the judicial intervention and the unhelping attitude of the Delhi Police,  we are constrained to shift the venue of our Dharna Programme  slated for 25th October, 2017 from Jantar Mantar, New Delhi  to Meghdhoot Bhawan, Puza Road, New Delhi.  Meghdhoot Bhawan is located at Puza Road (Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Road) and on the metro line between Rajiv Chowk (Cannaught Place) and Dwaraka.  The nearest Metro Station is Jhandewalan and is less than 2 kms from Rajiv chowk.   Those who come from Rajiv Chowk may please get down at Jhandewalan and walk back a few steps to reach Meghdhoot Bhawan and similarly those come from Dwaraka side, may also get down at Jhandewalan  and walk a few steps ahead towards Rajiv Chowk.  The Dharna will commence at 11.00 AM and we shall conclude the same latest by 3.30 PM.  Meghdhoot Bhawan is just opposite to Pillar No. 56 of Rajiv Chowk-Dwaraka metro line.  Those who do require accommodation for 25th night, may kindly contact Com. Deep Chand, Com. Shankar Pal Singh, Com. Rajinder Prasad, whose numbers are given in our last circular letter.   Please make the programme a grand success. 

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

KKN Kutty.

Secretary Generl.