Thursday, December 24, 2015

NCCPA National Secretariat Meeting on 07.02.2016


13/c  Feroze Shah  Road,
 New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 22.12.2015.
President: Com. Shiv Gopal Misra
Working President: Com. S.S. Roy.
 Secretary Genl: Com. K.K.N. Kutty.


                Notice is hereby given for a meeting of the  National Secretariat (i.e. the office bearers who were elected at the conference at Kolkata) on 7th Feb. 2016 at New Delhi to discuss the following agenda.  The meeting will be held at the AIRF Library hall, State Entry Road, New Delhi. 110 001.  The  Sectt. members are requested  to make their own arrangements for stay at Delhi.  Any comrade who wanted us to make arrangements for the accommodation; he may  kindly get in touch with Com. K. Ragavendran (Mobile No. 9444919295) Agenda for discussion will be as under; The meeting will commence at 2.00PM. on 7.2.2016.

1.       Enumeration of the Conference decisions and the modus operandi to give effect to those decisions.
2.       7th CPC recommendations, points for improvement, preparation of campaign material and finalization of action programmes.
3.       Widening the organizational base of NCCPA.
4.       State of affairs of finance and the ways and means to improve it.
5.       Increasing circulation of the journal and making it financially viable.
6.       Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
All Sectt. members are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting. 

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


Enumeration of the Conference decisions will be made by Com. Pavithra Chakraborty, Deputy Secretary General and the modus operandi will be discussed at the meeting.  He would kindly send a note in this regard to the Secretary General for circulation at the meeting by 31.1.2016.

Note on agenda item No. 2 will be prepared and circulated by the Secretary General.

Note on agenda item No. 3 will be prepared by Com. K. Ragavendran, Deputy Secretary General as a base paper for discussion.

Note on agenda Item No. 4  and 5 will be prepared by Com. S.S. Roy, Working President in consultation with Com. Pavitra chakraborty, Com. R.L. Bhattacharya, Patron and the Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer.

In the agenda “any other matter with the permission of the Chair” the proposal for amendments to constitution received from various units or from the Sectt,. Members and the steps to be taken to get the NCCPA registered with the Registrar of Societies will be briefly discussed. If any member would like to discuss any issues other than mentioned in the agenda, he may do so, by sending a brief note on the issue to the Secretary General, which would be taken up under agenda item No. 6, subject to the constraints of time. 

NCCPA Secretary General Writes to Secretary Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare


13/c  Feroze shah  Road,
 New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 22.12.2015.

Shri Devendra Chaudhary.
Secretary, Pension & Pension welfare
Lok Nayak Bhavan,
New Delhi,Delhi,110001(e. mail: secy-arpg@nic.in)

Dear Sir,

                The “National Co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Associations” is the apex organization of the various Central Government pensioners Associations viz, the pensioners Associations in the Railways, Defence, and Postal, BSNL and erstwhile Telecom department and other Central Government Departments.  The need for such an all India organization was felt by the Pensioners Associations functioning either at the regional or State levels or at the Departmental levels to channelize the common grievances of the Central Government pensioners in the country.  In the founding convention that was held at Jaipur, Rajasthan, in 2008, Com. U.M. Purohit, the then Secretary, Staff Side National council and the President of the All India Railwaymen Federation was elected as the Patron   along with  Shri V.A.N.Namboodiri, the erstwhile Secretary General of the BSNL Employees association.  Shri R.L. Bhattacharya, former (Officiating) Secretary General of the National Federation of Postal Employees took over as the President and Shri S.K. Vyas, a  long time Secretary General of the All India Audit and Accounts Association and a Standing Committee member of the National Council, JCM, right from its inception  was elected as the first Secretary General.  All these leaders were veterans of the Trade Union movement of the Central Government employees and had the rich experience of formulating the demands and issues of the employees including their retirement benefits before the successive Pay Commissions. 

                Due to the sad demise of both Shri. U.M. Purohit and Shri S.K.Vyas in succession, and due to the failing health of Shri R.L. Bhattacharya, the all India Conference of NCCPA which was held at Kolkata elected Shri Shiva Gopal Misra, the Staff Side Secretary of the JCM. National Council  as the President and Shri K.K.N. Kutty, former Secretary General of Income-tax Employees Federation for many years and presently a member of the Standing Committee of the National council as the Secretary General.  Shri R.L. Bhattacharya and Shri V.A.N. Namboodiri were requested to be the patrons to help and advise the functioning of the NCCPA.
                The NCCPA in its functioning as an apex organization of all Central Government Pensioners in the country during its short period of existence  has been able to channelize the grievances and demands of the pensioner in general before the authorities.  The NCCPA’s memorandum to the 7th Central Pay Commission stand testimony to this fact.  The Staff Side, JCM which submitted an elaborate memorandum on all issues concerning both the working employees and pensioners had almost adopted the views and suggestions made by the NCCPA in respect of retirement benefits.  Not only did it try to present the demands of the pensioners before the Government and other agencies effectively, it could through frequent interaction with its affiliates bring home the points of view of the Government expressed through the official side and the constraints of the Government in meeting out certain demands despite appreciating the genuineness of them. In fact it functioned as an effective conduit, beneficial for all concerned.   The democratic manner of the functioning of the NCCPA  gives room for all to express and advance their views and take decisions on the basis of a consensus.

                We write this to bring to your kind notice that while many of our affiliates and the State level organizations do receive communications from the Ministry of Pension asking them their views on matters concerning pension, the NCCPA was not favoured with a formal communication to enable us to present before the Ministry the consensus view of the Pensioners at large.  Recently the Department of Pension solicited the views of the pensioners on the question of linking Aadhar Card with pension payment and their suggestions on the recommendations of the 7th CPC.  While it is highly appreciated that the Government and the Department of Pension solicit the views of even smaller organizations, we strongly feel that it would have been equally good, if not better, to elicit the views and opinions of the Apex organizations like NCCPA whose submission by virtue of its very functioning shall have a pan-Indian touch; tempered  by reasonableness and generality of approach.  It is the avowed endeavor of NCCPA to build bridge between the Government and the Pensioners and discuss the issues and problems in a conducive atmosphere and arrive at conclusions mutually beneficial. 

                In this background, May we request you to kindly register our name in your list of Pensioners organizations to seek out our opinions and views on various pensioner-related matters, invite us formally for attending the seminars, conventions, conferences and meetings, organized by the Department of Pension in frequent intervals. 

                Thanking you and in anticipation of a favourable response,

Yours faithfully,

K.K.N. Kutty,
Secretary General.
Copy to :
Smt.Vandana Sharma,
Joint Secretary,
Department of Pension & Pensioners welfare
Lok Nayak Bhawan
New Delhi. 110 001

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NCCPA Circular on its deliberations over Pay Commission Recommendations!


13/c  Feroze shah  Road,
  New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 22.12.2015.

Circular No. 2/2015-16.

Dear Comrades,

As you are aware, the 7th CPC submitted its report to the Government on 19th November, 2015.  The National Joint council of action or organizations participating in the JCM at the National level characterized the recommendations as the most retrograde and perhaps the worst ever in the wage increase any Pay commission has ever made in the past. Many affiliates and State committees had sent in their comments on those recommendations pertaining to the Pensioners and other retirement benefits.

We explored the possibilities of convening an emergent meeting of the office bearers of NCCPA elected at its Kolkata Conference.   However, due to paucity of time and other logistics, we had to abandon that idea.  It was then decided in consultation with Com. President to convene a meeting on 8th December, 2015 at New Delhi to discuss the recommendations of the 7th CPC.  Accordingly, besides, the President and Secretary General, all the Vice Presidents, Patrons, Treasurer and the two Deputy Secretaries General attended the said meeting.  Due to the delayed running of the train, the President could not attend the meeting.  Com. S.S.Roy, Working president presided over the meeting. On the first day, the meeting decided upon the issues that must be referred to the Staff Side JCM National Council, for inclusion in their charter of demands.  The demands so formulated are as under:-

I. Revise the pension and other retirement benefits as under:-
(a)   Parity between the past and present pensioners to be brought about on the basis of the 7th CPC recommendations with the modification that basis of computation to be the pay level of the post/grade/scale of pay from which one retired, whichever is  beneficial.
(b)   Pension to be 60% of the last pay drawn in the case of all eligible persons who have completed the requisite number of years of service.
(c)    The family pension to be 50% of the last pay drawn.
(d)   Enhance the pension and family pension by 5% after every five years and 10% on attaining the age of 85 and 20% on attaining the age of 90.
(e)   Commuted value of pension to be restored after 10 years or attaining the age of 70 whichever is earlier. Gratuity calculation to be on the basis of 25 days in the month
(f)     Fixed medical allowance for those pensioners not covered by CGHS and REHS to be increased to Rs. 2000 p.m.
(g)   Provide one increment on the last day in service if the concerned employee has completed six months or more from the date of grant of last increment.

II.         The full fledged meeting of the NCCPA Sectt. will be held either in the last week of January or in the first week of Feb. at New Delhi. 
III.        NCCPA website will be maintained by Com. K. Ragavendran, Deputy Secretary General in consultation with the Secretary General,
IV.        A joint Bank Account will be opened in any Nationalized Bank at Delhi operated by the Secretary General and Treasurer.
V.         The present arrangement of publishing the journal from Kolkata will continue.  Com. Pavitra Chakraborthy will be in charge of the journal publication.  An Editorial board with Com.K.K.N. Kutty Secretary General as Chairman and Com. S.S.Roy and Com. Pavithra Chatterji will be constituted.  The advice and assistance of Com. R.L. Bhattacgarya Patron will be solicited.
VI.        Remittance of annual subscription by the affiliates, state Committees and other individuals will be made to Com. H.L.Sidhu, Tresurer only in the form of Bank Draft or through Bank transfer. 
VII.       Remittances in respect of the journal will be made over to Com. Pavitra Chakrsborty, Deputy Secretary General at his Kolkata address.  He along with the Assistant Treasurer will maintain the requisite account for the journal.
IX.        The Constitution copy of the NCCPA will be placed on the website.  Suggestions and comments for amendment may be sent to the Secretary General.  The same will be discussed for appropriate action by the next meeting of the National Secretariat.
X          Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Patron of  NCCPA will help in getting affiliation and registration with the TUI for NCCPA for which a formal decision was taken at the last Conference.
XI.        Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri Patron of NCCPA will take steps to get the NCCPA registered under the Registrar or Societies and a final decision in the matter will be taken at the next meeting of the National Secretariat. 
XII.       The meeting also decided to endorse the call of the NJCA in pursuance of the charter of demands.

            The NJCA in its meeting on 8th  December 2015, accepted the proposal of the NCCPA in so far as the acceptance of the demands pertaining to pensioners were concerned and included the same as Item No. 13 of the Charter of demands.  They have decided to go on indefinite strike if no settlement is brought about on these demands.  As a prologue and in a bid to mobilize the employees, they have also decided the following programmes of action in the month of January and Febraury, 2015.

30.12.2015: Holding demonstrations and hand over copy of the NJCA’s letter dated 10.12.2015 to the Head of the Office for onward transmission to the Cabinet Secretary, demanding for immediate settlement of the issues.

19-21.01.2016: 3-day dharna in all the State capitals and industrial centers/ establishments for educating and mobilizing the employees.

We request all the affiliated Associations and State Committee to part take in the programmes of action  either independently or in co-operation with the working employees and make it s a grand success.  What should be modus of our participation as and when the strike action is decided will be the subject matter of deliberation at our next meeting of the National Secretariat.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General



Wednesday, December 9, 2015





Dear Comrades,

This year 17th December "Pensioners Day" attains significance in the background of certain victory the Pensioners have achieved through the 7th Pay Commission recommendation towards Parity of Pension to the past and present pensioners. But the implementation of the recommendation with some modification to ensure the pension calculation to all Pre-2016 Pensioners based on the pay scale of the post or cadre from which the pensioner had retired. If this is accomplished then it would be a real progress in achieving what we have lost during the past years irrespective of Nakara Judgment. 

The Pensioners must remember the pioneer work done by Comrade D.S.Nakara for getting the highest judiciary of the land give out a historic verdict in favour of right to pension by all Government Employees. The concept that pension was nothing but a charity by the employer was demolished by the judgment of Nakara and the world has come to the senses that Pension is nothing but the unearned portion of the pensioner while in service. The attacks on social security and the pension under the neo-liberal regime and the resultant PFRDA that is dangling like a Damocles of sword over the heads of Pensioners and all the employees recruited prior to 1.1.2004 are always undermining the concept of pension as a fundamental right of the Pensioner. Therefore all our affiliates should observe this year 17th December, 2015 Pensioners Day in a befitting manner to highlight the partial victory we have registered through 7th CPC as well as the arduous path lie ahead of us in defending the right to social security and pension. 

All Affiliates are requested to observe befittingly and kindly send the report to the CHQ about the observance of the Pensioners Day in their organisations. 

With Greetings
Secretary General 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


New Delhi.

Website address:nccpahq.blogspot.in.
E mail address:nccpahq@gmail.com.
Dated: 21st November, 2015

Dear Comrades

                We hope you must have gone through the gist of the 7th CPC recommendations, which we have placed on our website on 20th.  We reproduce hereunder a copy of the Press Statement issued by the Convenor, National JCA, Com. Shiv Gopal Misra immediately after the submission of the report by the commission to the government.  We are in full agreement with the views expressed therein and endorse the same.  In fact from every facet, this report must be characterized as the worst attempt of wage revision for Central Government employees.    The increase in the wages after 10 years is just 14.28%, whereas it was much more in the case of Bank and Insurance Employees whose wage revision takes place every five years.  We have every reason to believe that the present Government has exerted pressure on the Commission to suppress the wage package of the Central Government employees.  It had been our repeated plea that the Commission should not be loaded with bureaucrats drawn from the Government for it is our experience right from the 5th CPC onwards that their presence has influenced the Commission’s recommendations.   No different is the story of the 7th CPC.  The bureaucrats in the Group ‘A’ cadres have immensely benefited from this Commission’s report.  The ratio between the minimum and maximum, as per the 7th CPC recommendation is 1:14, even beyond what the 6th CPC recommended.    It could be seen that none of the demands which the Central Government employees jointly placed before the Commission has been accepted.  There is no reasoning advanced by them to substantiate the rejection.   Most of the issues have been dealt with in a manner of an arbitrator. In order to suppress the wages, the doctrine and formula of minimum wage has been distorted by the Commission.  They have taken the average of 12 months ( July, 2014 to June, 2015) prices of the commodities, which the formula does not stipulate at all.  The minimum wage has to be on the basis of the retail prices of the commodities on a particular date.  The rates are sourced from the Labour Institute, Simla, whose credentials of adoption of the actual rates had been dubious all along.  The Ministry of Agriculture in their website publishes the monthly rates of commodities.  We have worked out the minimum wage taking the average rate of 8 cities as on 1.11.2015.  Even according to those rates, which the Government cannot dispute, the minimum wage comes to Rs. 26000 +. Fitment formula and every other allowances depend upon the minimum wage.    The pay scales are constructed on the premise of the minimum wage. The issue has to be fought out.   We hope the meeting of the leaders of the organizations participating in the JCM scheduled to be held on 8th December, 2015 will take the decision to go ahead with the strike preparation.  That alone will make the negotiation, if at all it takes place, meaningful and fruitful. 

                Coming to the issues concerning the Pensioners, you must have seen that except in the case of parity, there is no positive recommendation emanated from this Commission.  Every pensioner had expected a rise in the FMA as it is presently pegged down to a meagre amount of Rs. 500.  The Government had agreed to revise the additional pension for those beyond the age of 75.  The 7th CPC has even rejected it on the advice of the Defense Ministry.  We are at a loss to understand that what authority the Defense Ministry has got in this matter.

                We shall have to prepare a charter of demands to be presented to the Government through the Staff Side JCM as also directly. We, therefore, request all our comrades, to go through the recommendations and make suggestions for improvement so as to help the Sectt. to formulate the demands.   Kindly bear in mind that the demands which we propose to include in the charter must be such which has universal coverage.

                We must join the Protest Day on 27th November, 2015, being organized by the working employees.  Every State Committee and affiliate may decide upon a particular venue in each State Capital and join the demonstration by wearing the black badges. 

                Please print the following on the badges:

Protest Day 27.11.2015
We protest against the most retrograde  recommendations
Of the 7th  CPC.
Demand the Government to negotiate and revise the minimum wage and settle the issues.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

National Joint Council of Action
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi - 110055
November 20 , 2015


Central Government Employees are totally disappointed
with the adverse recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

Seventh Central Pay Commission while giving a bonanza
to the higher level officers has completely ignored the low paid employees.

Central Government Employees  to observe "BLACK DAY"
by holding massive demonstration wearing black badges
all over the country on 27 th November 2015.
to protest against the retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC.

NJCA appeals to the Central Government Employees
to be prepared for more serious action programmes

The National Joint Council of Action of Central Government Employees in its meeting held on 20th November 2015 has unanimously resolved to fight back against the adverse and retrograde recommendation of the 7th CPC. The Central Government Employees are totally disappointed and dissatisfied with the recommendations of the 7th CPC submitted to the Government on 1 9th November 2015. While the wage revision for the employees of PSUs and Banks etc takes place once in five years the Central Government Employees have to wait for a long period of 10 years for wage revision.

The demand of the Staff Side of the National Council JCM to fix the minimum pay to that of Rs. 26,000/- has been completely rejected by the 7th CPC and has arbitrarily fixed the minimum pay as Rs. 18000/-. The 7th CPC has mutilated the formula for fixing the minimum wage. The minimum wage recommended amounts to a meagre increase of Rs. 2250 from the existing minimum pay of Rs. 7000 + 8750 (125 % DA as on 1.1.2016). From this minimum pay of Rs, 18000/-, as per the recommendation of the 7th CPC itself Rs- 1500/- will be recovered for CGEIGS and 10 % i. e Rs.180Q/- will be recovered towards New Pension Scheme from the employees recruited after I. 1.2004 and 6% towards GPF contribution from the employees recruited prior to 1.1.2004 resulting in minus benefit for the low paid employees.

The public at large is misled by the statement that a hike of Rs 23.5% is granted to Central Government employees where as the actual increase is only 14.29%. While the minimum wage is fixed as Rs. 18000/- the Secretary level officers are given a huge hike of Rs. 2,25,000 and the Cabinet Secretary’s salary is fixed as Rs. 2,50,000. Whereas the demand of the National Council — JCM (Staff Side) that the ratio between minimum pay and the maximum pay should be not more than 1: 8, the 7th CPC has kept the ratio as I:13.8; While the National Council — JCM has demanded for reducing and rationalizing the number of pay scales, the 7th CPC rejected the same and retained all the 18 pay scales.

The House Rent Allowance has been reduced from the existing 30% to 24%, 20% to 16% and 10% to 8%.

More over the 7th CPC has recommended for abolition of various allowances like small family allowance and advances like festival advance etc. Instead of removing the existing anomalies in the MACP Scheme, the 7th CPC has introduced examination for granting MACP. The 7th CPC has refused to make any recommendations against the New Pension Scheme. For the 2nd spell of 365 days child care leave for women employees the leave wages will be reduced to 80%.

In a nutshell the Central Government Employees are totally upset, dissatisfied and disappointed over the major recommendations of the 7th CPC. Therefore the NJCA has decided to observe a massive demonstration on 27th November 2015 against the adverse recommendation of the 7th CPC. All the constituent organizations are requested to advise their affiliates to observe in an effective manner and also to issue similar press statements in their respective states / centres. The NJCA will meet on 8th December 2015 to finalise the views on the various recommendation of the 7th CPC and to forward the same to the Government for a negotiated settlement.

The NJCA further appeals to the Central Government employees to be prepared to carry forward the struggle till a negotiated settlement is reached.
Yours Sincerely
(Shiva Gopal Mishra) 

Friday, November 20, 2015

New Delhi.

Website address:nccpahq.blogspot.in.
E mail address:nccpahq@gmail.com.
Dated: 20th November, 2015

Dear Comrade,

            The 7th CPC submitted its report to the Government yesterday at about 7.30 PM.  The report in full text was available on the website of the Commission immediately thereafter.  We have gone through the report.   What is given hereunder is the product of the cursory glance.  We must study the report to understand its full implications and meet in our organizational forum to decide upon our future course of action.   In the meantime, we must also look to the reaction of the serving employee’s organizations as the most important demand i.e. minimum wage has been virtually rejected by distorting the formula itself.  Since every other recommendation of the Commission is based upon the minimum wage, a revision thereof will have a cascading impact. We give hereunder a brief resume of the recommendations.  It must however be admitted that the most important demand of the Pensioners Associations, i.e. to bring about complete parity between the present and past pensioners has been acceded to a great extent.  There are quire number of ifs and buts in the recommendation.  That must be sorted out by united efforts by all of us.   In our memorandum to the Commission, we have put forth many other legitimate grievances and its redressals.  None of these demands have been found acceptable to the Commission.  Even in respect of medical facilities, the recommendations are disappointing. We hope fervently that the National Joint Council of Action of the organizations participating in the JCM will not take this onslaught lying down and will react.  We must support their action programmes to the best of our ability. 

            We are planning for a meeting of the newly elected office bearers to be held in the next month.  We would request all our comrades to read the report and suggest to us the revisions needed so that we can forward the same to the NJCA for inclusion in their charter of demands pertaining to the 7th CPC recommendations.

            I express my gratitude and sincere thanks for the leaders and delegates of the NCCPA who attended the last Conference at Kolkata for reposing confidence in me and electing me as the Secretary General.  No pensioner will be able to say that he is physically fully fit and that is true with me also.  I assure you that I shall strive my best to function as the Secretary General of this great organization, which has been nurtured and brought to this stage by the great comrades like Com. S.K. Vyas. Our Endeavour must be to bring the NCCPA as a strong and united organizations in which all Pensioners Association could be proud to be member affiliate.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

  7th CPC recommendations:
The worst ever by any Pay Commission so far. Only 14.29% increase and that too
After ten years.
The NJCA leaders are meeting  at Delhi
Today to chalk out further course of Action.

Recommendations at a glance.

1.Date of Effect: 1.1.2016.  Our demand was 1.1.2014 and wage revision after every five years.
2.    Minimum pay Rs. 18,000 against our demand for Rs. 26,000 for MTS.  Dr.Aykroyd formula mutilated.
3.  Fitment formula has been recommended to be 2.57 time. This 18,000/7000. Since our Minimum wage calculation was 26,000 our fitment formula was 3.7 time.
4.   On promotion: Fixation: old FR 22©  i.e. one increment in the feeder cadre and fixation at the next higher stage.
5.   Pay band and Grade pay system abolished. Open ended pay scale.  Or Pay matrix.  Existing Grades maintained.  No delayering  resorted to.
6.   Increase in the pay is only. 14.28% i.e. 7000 as on 1.1.2016 with 125% DA would be 15,750. Which has been revised to 18,000. That works out to 14.28.
7.  Annual increment rate is the same old percentage of 3.
8.  Ratio between minimum and maximum salary: 18000=25000: 1:14 and 18000=225000: 1:12.5 Even the 6th CPC had recommended only 1: 11.4 as the ratio.
9.  Allowances: 52 allowances removed including risk and cashier/cash handling  allowance family planning etc.
10HRA. Classification of cities and towns maintained.  JCM demand rejected.  Allowance rate has been reduced to 24,16 and 8 from the present rate of 30, 20 and 10.
11.DA: No change in the formula.
12.Transport allowance:  Made into three slabs as under:
Pay Level
Higher Transport Allowance cities (A, AI)
Other places
9 and above
7200 + DA
3600 + DA
3 to 8
3600 + DA
1800 + DA
1 and 2
1350 + DA
900 + DA

13. Modified assured career progression:  Demand for hierarchical promotion accepted.  Will continue to be three after every 10 years.MACP  will only be on the basis of very good bench mark.  Failure ko get required bench MarK for promotion within the first 20 years of service will result in stoppage of increment. Their service Such employees who have out lived their ability, their services need not be continued and the continuance of such persons in the service should be discouraged.
14. Anomaly between promote and direct recruitees removed.
15. New Pension scheme will continue.  Some improvements  are suggested.  Nothing tangible.
16.Leave:  Casual and Earned leave: No change. The demand for higher accumulation of leave is also rejected.  
17. Child care leave.  No Change in the quantum.  However, the leave for the second year will have only 80% salary.
18. Maternity and Paternity leave: No revision is conceded
19. Medical Insurance scheme is again recommended.
20. LTC: No change. Only for those in NE region, Ladakh, Andaman, and Lakshadweep, split claim is allowed.
21. No decennial wage revision.  Every year the wages may be reviewed as is the case in UK.
22. Bonus to be replaced by performance related pay.
23. New pension scheme to continue.  Certain suggestions have been made for its improvement.  But nothing tangible.
24.CEA and hostel subsidy.  The procedure has been simplified.  The amount is Rs. 2250 for CEA and 6750 for hostel subsidy ceiling. With increase as and when the DA crosses certain stipulated mark.
25.Group Insurnace scheme revised.  Level 1 to 5: 1500. 15 lakhs, Level 6 to9 2500 and 25 lakhs,  above 10 is 5000 and 50 lakhs.
26. In the matter of the GDS the most exploited segment of the working Central Govt. employees, the commission has gone out of the way to state that they are outside the purview of the Civil Service and should continue to be so. 

Pension Benefits:  Parity between the past and present pensioners recommended.  The formula is almost identical to the one suggested by the 5th CPC.  The pay of the past pensioners will be first fixed at the minimum of the pay (7thCPC) of the post from which they retired increased by the increment for each year of service in that grade.

2. Minimum pension Rs.9000
3. Gratuity ceiling raised to Rs. 20 lakhs
4. Postal dispensaries to be merged with CGHS.  No discrimination between postal and other pensioners.
5.Recognised hospitals of CCS(MA) Rules to be recognized by CGHS also.
6. FMA. No change.
7. No other demand has been accepted by the CPC. No reduction in the residency period of commutation.