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NCCPA Circular on its deliberations over Pay Commission Recommendations!


13/c  Feroze shah  Road,
  New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 22.12.2015.

Circular No. 2/2015-16.

Dear Comrades,

As you are aware, the 7th CPC submitted its report to the Government on 19th November, 2015.  The National Joint council of action or organizations participating in the JCM at the National level characterized the recommendations as the most retrograde and perhaps the worst ever in the wage increase any Pay commission has ever made in the past. Many affiliates and State committees had sent in their comments on those recommendations pertaining to the Pensioners and other retirement benefits.

We explored the possibilities of convening an emergent meeting of the office bearers of NCCPA elected at its Kolkata Conference.   However, due to paucity of time and other logistics, we had to abandon that idea.  It was then decided in consultation with Com. President to convene a meeting on 8th December, 2015 at New Delhi to discuss the recommendations of the 7th CPC.  Accordingly, besides, the President and Secretary General, all the Vice Presidents, Patrons, Treasurer and the two Deputy Secretaries General attended the said meeting.  Due to the delayed running of the train, the President could not attend the meeting.  Com. S.S.Roy, Working president presided over the meeting. On the first day, the meeting decided upon the issues that must be referred to the Staff Side JCM National Council, for inclusion in their charter of demands.  The demands so formulated are as under:-

I. Revise the pension and other retirement benefits as under:-
(a)   Parity between the past and present pensioners to be brought about on the basis of the 7th CPC recommendations with the modification that basis of computation to be the pay level of the post/grade/scale of pay from which one retired, whichever is  beneficial.
(b)   Pension to be 60% of the last pay drawn in the case of all eligible persons who have completed the requisite number of years of service.
(c)    The family pension to be 50% of the last pay drawn.
(d)   Enhance the pension and family pension by 5% after every five years and 10% on attaining the age of 85 and 20% on attaining the age of 90.
(e)   Commuted value of pension to be restored after 10 years or attaining the age of 70 whichever is earlier. Gratuity calculation to be on the basis of 25 days in the month
(f)     Fixed medical allowance for those pensioners not covered by CGHS and REHS to be increased to Rs. 2000 p.m.
(g)   Provide one increment on the last day in service if the concerned employee has completed six months or more from the date of grant of last increment.

II.         The full fledged meeting of the NCCPA Sectt. will be held either in the last week of January or in the first week of Feb. at New Delhi. 
III.        NCCPA website will be maintained by Com. K. Ragavendran, Deputy Secretary General in consultation with the Secretary General,
IV.        A joint Bank Account will be opened in any Nationalized Bank at Delhi operated by the Secretary General and Treasurer.
V.         The present arrangement of publishing the journal from Kolkata will continue.  Com. Pavitra Chakraborthy will be in charge of the journal publication.  An Editorial board with Com.K.K.N. Kutty Secretary General as Chairman and Com. S.S.Roy and Com. Pavithra Chatterji will be constituted.  The advice and assistance of Com. R.L. Bhattacgarya Patron will be solicited.
VI.        Remittance of annual subscription by the affiliates, state Committees and other individuals will be made to Com. H.L.Sidhu, Tresurer only in the form of Bank Draft or through Bank transfer. 
VII.       Remittances in respect of the journal will be made over to Com. Pavitra Chakrsborty, Deputy Secretary General at his Kolkata address.  He along with the Assistant Treasurer will maintain the requisite account for the journal.
IX.        The Constitution copy of the NCCPA will be placed on the website.  Suggestions and comments for amendment may be sent to the Secretary General.  The same will be discussed for appropriate action by the next meeting of the National Secretariat.
X          Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Patron of  NCCPA will help in getting affiliation and registration with the TUI for NCCPA for which a formal decision was taken at the last Conference.
XI.        Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri Patron of NCCPA will take steps to get the NCCPA registered under the Registrar or Societies and a final decision in the matter will be taken at the next meeting of the National Secretariat. 
XII.       The meeting also decided to endorse the call of the NJCA in pursuance of the charter of demands.

            The NJCA in its meeting on 8th  December 2015, accepted the proposal of the NCCPA in so far as the acceptance of the demands pertaining to pensioners were concerned and included the same as Item No. 13 of the Charter of demands.  They have decided to go on indefinite strike if no settlement is brought about on these demands.  As a prologue and in a bid to mobilize the employees, they have also decided the following programmes of action in the month of January and Febraury, 2015.

30.12.2015: Holding demonstrations and hand over copy of the NJCA’s letter dated 10.12.2015 to the Head of the Office for onward transmission to the Cabinet Secretary, demanding for immediate settlement of the issues.

19-21.01.2016: 3-day dharna in all the State capitals and industrial centers/ establishments for educating and mobilizing the employees.

We request all the affiliated Associations and State Committee to part take in the programmes of action  either independently or in co-operation with the working employees and make it s a grand success.  What should be modus of our participation as and when the strike action is decided will be the subject matter of deliberation at our next meeting of the National Secretariat.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General



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