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3rd Triennial Annual Conference
A Short Report

Dear Comrade,     16.11.2015.

The third triennial all India Conference of NCCPA was held at Kolkata on 6th and 7th November, 2015. The Conference was inaugurated by Com. AshimDasgupta former Finance Minister, Government of West Bengal. More than 200 delegates and observers from various parts of the country and hundreds of members of West Bengal Central Govt. Pensioners Co-ordination Committee attended the inaugural session. The hall of the conference was named after the legendary leader of the Central Government Employees and the former Secretary General of NCCPA, Com. S.K. Vyas.

The Conference commenced with the flag hoisting (National flag by Com. Sisir Bhattacharya, the Senior most leader of the P & T movement and NCCPA flag by Com. R.L. Bhattacharya, President NCCPA). Floral tributes were paid by leaders and delegates to the martyrs column. The inaugural session was impressive with a galaxy of leaders decorating the dais and addressing the AIC. Before the formal inauguration cultural folk songs were sung by the Kolkata CG Employees and Pensioners. After welcome address by Com. Sisir Bhattacharya, Chairman Recepsion Committee, the inaugural session was also addressed by Com. K.K.N. Kutty, President, Confederation of CGE & Workers, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Patron NCCPA, Com. Pijush Roy,  State Secretary of Co-ordination Committee of CG Employees, Com. SubrotoMajumdhar, West Bengal State Govt. Pensioners Association, Com. ApareshBhattacharjee, Bank Pensioners Association, Com. Himadri Roy (LIC Pensioners Association), Com. Subendu Mukherjee (Railway Pensioners Association), Com. Ananta Bhattacharya and Com. Jyotsna Bose.

In the subject session, that commenced at 2.00 PM on 6th and ended at 2.30 PM the next day, the report accompanied by the statement of accounts was submitted by Com. Pavitra Chakraborty, Secretary General. In the discussion that ensued thereafter, more than 16 delegates participated. The house also adopted the following resolutions.

(a) On Policy and programme
(b) Affiliation of NCCPA with TUI-Pensioners and retired personnel
(c) Against escalating prices of essential commodities
(d) Appealing to maintain communal harmony,
(e) Observance of rs" Feb. Every as S.K. Vyas memorial day.
(f) On implementation of court verdict to all similarly placed pensioners.

The house also adopted the proposal moved from the presidium to enlarge the number of office bearers by amending the relevant provisions of the constitution.

The house unanimously adopted the panel of office bearers presented by the outgoing Sectt. and accordingly the following comrades were elected as the office bearers for the ensuing term of three years. Com. PavitraChakraborthy, while summing up the discussion, stated that the suggestions put forth by the members who spoke are all acceptable and the same would be incorporated in the final report. The house then adopted the accounts and the report unanimously.

                                 1.      Com. VAN. Namboodiri
                                 2.     Com. R. L. Bhattacharya

Chairman:                      Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra (JCM Staff Side Secretary and  General Secretary AIRF)

Wkg.Chairman:             Com.S.S.Roy (West Bengal)

Vice Chairman:
                                 1)     Com. C.L.Mathur (Rajasthan)
                                 2)     Com. DVDhaktod (Maharashtra)
                                 3)     Com. H.N.Joshi (M.P)
                                 4)     Com.T.S.Parameswaran (Kerala)
                                 5)     Com.S.Rahman (Assam)

Secretary General:         Com.KKN.Kutty

Dy.Secretary Generals:
                                 1)     Com.PavitraRanjan Chakraborty (WB)
                                 2)     Com.K.Ragavendran (AIPRPA) Tamilnadu

Assistant Secy Generals:
                                 1)     KG.Jayaraj (AIBDPA) Kerala
                                 2)     Prabakaran Nair (Telengana)
                                 3)     S.K.Sharma (Rajasthan)
                                 4)     C.P.Shobana (Kerala)
                                 5)     I.S.Dabas (Delhi)

Treasurer:                      Com.H.L.Sidhu (Haryana)

Asst.Treasurer.:             Com. S.Laha (WB)

Organising Secretaries:
                                 1)     M.A.Karlekar (Maharashtra)
                                 2)     T.I.Sudhakaran (Kerala)
                                 3)     N.Somaiah (Telengana)
                                 4)     GeethaGoshal (WB)
                                 5)     K.P.Sharma (Rajasthan)
                                 6)     G.R.Verma (U.P)

Internal Auditor:           Com.A.KGhosh (WB)

The open session was the concluding session in which Com. Basudev Acharya former M.P. who always fought for our cause both inside and outside the parliament addressed celaborately on the type of attacks let loose on the workers and pensioners. The Open Session was also addressed by Com. KKN Kutty and also by Com. SujathaSaha the Councillor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
Thanking you and with greetings,
                                                                                                                              Yours fraternally,
                                                                                                                              K.KN. Kutty
                                                                                                                              Secretary General.

P.S. Detailed minutes of the conference proceedings is being published in the NCCPA News Letter next issue.

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