Saturday, February 6, 2016

Comrade S.K.Vyas Memorial Day


Dear Comrades!

The 3rd AIC of NCCPA held at Kolkata recently in the month of November 2015 had resolved to observe 13th February each year as the Memorial Day of Comrade S.K.Vyas. It is our misfortune that we miss him at this hour of dealing with the aftermath of 7th CPC with the Central Government. Comrade S.K.Vyas who had associated himself from the 1st Pay Commission to the recent 7th Pay Commission, had dealt the Pay Commissions and the Central Rulers with his nature bestowed intelligence and wisdom. An undisputed leader of the Central Government Employees and the Pensioners in India, his contributions are immense. His lone voice in the Standing Committee of JCM at times when the Government tried to impound the dues of CG Employees or tried to freeze the wages of Employees is still ringing around us and leading us to take correct positions at times of policy offensives of the Government. His role in linking the CG Employees movement with the entirety of the Working Class movement of India was spectacular. In fact we take pride in his leading role in unifying the government employees and the central trade unions of working class on a single platform of struggle against the neo-liberal offensives. He was also the founder of NCCPA the apex organisation of all Central Government Pensioners in India. NCCPA CHQ calls upon all organisations to hold befitting meetings in accordance with the decision of NCCPA AIC and remember Comrade S.K.Vyas!

Secretary General NCCPA 

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