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Pensioners join Confederation for Dharna before Finance Minister's Office in North Block New Delhi on 23.05.2017

NCCPA extends Solidarity to Confederation

23.05.2017 Dharna before North Block in New Delhi

Pensioners in Delhi and around Delhi will join Confederation in the Programme



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President:                           Com. Shiv Gopal Misra.
Secretary General:          Com. K.KN. Kutty.
Dear Comrade,
In pursuance of the 20 point charter of demands, and to continue with the struggles, Confederation of Central Government employees and workers have now embarked upon another series of programmes, the first phase of which will be a massive dharna programme on 23rd May, 2017  in front or the Finance Minister’s office, i.e. at North Block, New Delhi.
As you are aware, this Government had been setting up various committees to consider the demands of the staff side, but it now appears that the primary objective was to delay decision and consequently the benefit for the employees and pensioners.  The allowance committee has not submitted its report so far.  The Pension Committee had its own agenda.  It has submitted its report.  If newspaper is any indication, the NDA Government has succumbed the machination of the bureaucrats and rejected option No.1. The alternative suggestion put forth by the official side amounts to the revival of the 5th CPC formula, which was once rejected by the same bureaucracy on the ground of high financial outflow.  This has been done only because that option No.1. Would not be beneficial for the All India Services Personnel and the organised Group A Services, who are not to suffer any stagnation at any point of time in their service.  The option No.1. Would have benefitted all others including those Group A personnel who do not belong to the above two categories.  The mischievous machination was writ at large right from the day one, when the Pension department objected to the recommendation of the 7th CPC on pension fitment formula.  We must remember that the pension department and the department of expenditure together dragged lakhs of pensioners up to Supreme Court for getting the limited modified parity to be implemented.  It would be in the fitness of things, that we remember that at no previous occasion, any government has taken the decision to reject the recommendation of the Pay Commission in the case of pensioners.  Even our reasonable suggestion that the alternate suggestion of the official side could be treated as option No. 3 was not palatable.  Such an option would have benefitted all.  Even some of the feared anomalies in case of option No;1 being implemented would have vanished had the suggestion of the official side is treated as Option No. 3.  In every case, government documents in one form o the other is available.  Even according to the official side, the service books are available in the case of 82% of the pensioners.  The rejection is not only untenable but also absolutely mischieviuous to deny the benefit to a section of pensioners, since those in power does not get a benefit out of this.

We know that the 23rd May will be very hot in Delhi, unbearable for the aged comrades to register their protest.  However, it becomes incumbent upon us to join the struggle which is conceived to oppose the Government in power for the nugatory attitude towards the workers in general and the pensioners in particular.  We, therefore, request those comrades, who are residing in and around Delhi to take part in the dharna programme before the North Block on 23rd May, 2017.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

Secretary General

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