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NCCPA Circular and Notice to National Executive Meeting


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 New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 3rd June, 2017.

Dear Comrades,

            We are sending herewith the notice for the National Executive meeting.  We had already intimated you over sms that the meeting would be held at Nagpur on 19th August, 2017.  We have also placed a copy of the Notice on our website.  The exact venue of the meeting and other details would be communicated to you by the Reception Committee or Com.D.V. Dhakthod, our vice President. 

            We have been informed that arrangements for stay would be made by the host unit from 18th evening to 20th forenoon.  Those who are likely to reach earlier and perhaps leave later will have to make their own arrangements.  Nagpur is expected to have a humid and hot climatic condition at that time..  Rains are also expected.  Besides, the National Secretariat members, the Chief Executives of all affiliated Associations are members of the National Executive and they are all requested to be present at the meeting.  If for some unavoidable reason, the General Secretary of the affiliated Association is not able to go over to Nagpur, he is entitled to deploy any other office bearers to attend the NE meeting, with due information to the CHQ.  If any of the Sectt. member or the other NE members prefers to make their own arrangements for stay, they are free to do so.  However, if such arrangements are made, the same may please be communicated to the reception committee.  In fact we would very much welcome such arrangements if somebody is able to do so.

            Please inform in advance your journey details to the reception committee.  They are to deploy comrades to take you to the boarding place and make you comfortable.  We also advise that it would be better that the comrades reach on 18th night itself so that the  reception committee will have less pressure on 19th morning.  Those who are to leave on 19th itself, we would request them to kindly  book their tickets only by the train or flight after 8.30 PM. 

            The meeting is expected to commence on 19th at 10.30AM and we want it to be concluded latest by 7.30PM.  Since we have a heavy agenda for discussion,  we request you to kindly co-operate with us to keep the time schedule. 

            Our Finance Secretary has informed us that there had been no remittance of subscription except a few in the last financial year. i.e. 2015-16  Whatever is due to be paid depending upon the membership, we request that the same may please be remitted immediately.  We give hereunder the bank details so that the amount could be remitted by you without any hassle.     

                                    Name of the Bank:     Syndicate Bank.
Branch Name:            India Park Branch, RZ 44331. Street No. 24, Sadh Nagar, Palam Colony, New Delhi. 110 0045.
MICR Code:                110025329
IFSC No.                     SYNB 0009188
Account  No.               91882010026870
Account is the joint name of the Finance Secretary and Secretary General i.e. Harbajan Lal Sidhu and K.K.N. Kutty.

            To ensure that the financial position of the NCCPA is strengthened, and  enable it to function properly, we may if all of you permit, propose to double the existing rate of subscription to. Rs. 2 per member per annum for the FY 2016-17 onwards.

            By the end of this months, the final decisions of the Government on various issues pertaining to 7th CPC recommendations and  referred to different committees  would become available.  In so far as pension matters are concerned, the only matter of interest that has remained pending is the fixed medical allowance.  As the things go, we do not expect any positive decision on the part of the Government in the matter, unless the top bureaucrats have any benefit thereon.  It is expected to be a long drawn out struggle for the Pensioner community.  In this connection, we are to inform you that the Staff Side of the JCM National Council has fixed 23rd June, 2017 as the last date for the submission of National anomaly committee items to their office.  As you are aware the National Anomaly Committee has already been set up and its first meeting has also been held. All pension related items would be within the ambit of the National Anomaly Committee.  Kindly go through the expanded definition of anomaly.  Please prepare items that are to be taken up and send the same to the NCCPA in its e mail only.  Please see our e mail address on the top of this letter-head.  Please send the items neatly typed in double space and send the same through e mail only as a word file.  Please do not send the same as either a Pdf file or in the  image form.  Since the items can be sponsored only once,  kindly cause discussions on this issue in a wider forum and prepare the items and send it to us immediately.  The Staff Side is expected to meet by the end of this month to finalise the items, they had received upto 23rd June, 2017. 

            We shall have a comprehensive discussions on the items, which would be included int he list of the NAC agenda in our NE meeting to formulate our  oral arguments when these issues are taken up for discussion.  No doubt the refusal of Option No. 1. And the denial of pensionary benefits to the employees of the autonomous bodies must figure in our discussions on 18th and no less importance we mush assign to the organisational issues. 

            Lastly the NE meeting must discuss and decide upon future programme of action especially to pursue the issue concerning the Option No. 1. and the untenable rejection thereof by the Pension Department.  Once we chalk out the programme, we may be able to get in touch with other pensioners Associations for eliciting their co-operation and participation.  So far our attempt to forge a united platform has not fructified.

            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.


Website: nccpahq.blogspot.in.
E mail: nccpahq@gmail.com.

13.c Feroze Shah Road,m
 New Delhi. 110 001
Dated: 28th May, 2017


Notice is hereby given for the meeting of the National Executive of the NCCPA to discuss the following agenda.  The meeting will be held at Nagpur on 19th August, 2017. .  The exact venue will be intimated by the reception committee.  The meeting  will be presided over by Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra, President, NCCPA.   The meeting  will commence at 10.30 AM and will continue till 7.30 PM. 

1.       Homage
2.       Confirmation of minutes of the previous National Secretariat meetings.
3.       Review of decisions taken in the earlier Sectt. meetings,
4.       7th CPC recommendations on Pension Fixation –12th May 2017  Orders  of the Government of India. Rejection of Option 1 – stand of NCCPA to be adopted – regarding.
5.       Attempts for joint action with other Pensioners Associations & BCPC – result thereof and future task.
6.       Review of implementation of calls of NCCPA by affiliates –Review of solidarity actions by NCCPA.. Discussion and conclusions
7.       Role of NCCPA towards strengthening TUI Pensioners & Retired – Decisions of Kathmandu TUI Conference.
8.       Organizational Review – Strengthening of NCCPA – Formation of NCCPA COCs in all States.
9.       Financial Review – Quota remittances of Affiliates to NCCPA and action thereof.
10.   News Letter – Publication and Finance – Enrollment of Annual Subscribers and the contributions of Affiliates thereon.
11.   Any other matter with the permission of the chair.
12.   Adoption of document on resolutions and conclusions from the discussions.

Secretary General

Note: Details of accommodation arrangements for the participating comrades  will be conveyed  by the Reception Committee from Nagpur. As the Executive is to be commenced sharply at 10.30 A.M and conclude latest  by 7,30 PM on 19.08.2017, all are requested to reach Nagpur in the morning of 19th or evening/night of 18th August itself. All members are requested to book the ticket immediately and intimate the CHQ of their journey plan.  If any comrades is unable to reach and attend the NE meeting, intimation may be sent to the CHQ immediately.  The Accommodation would be available 18th  evening onwards till 20th morning Food will be served only on 19th.  All comrades are requested to co-operate with the Reception committee.

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