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NCCPA Circular


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SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)

Dated 28th August, 2017
Dear Comrades,

We write this in continuation of our circular letter dated 26th August, 2017.  We have been in consultation with the members of the Sectt in finalising the quota for the 25th October, programme.  We have taken note of the relative strength of the organisations in  respect of their membership as also their capacity to mobilise them to take part in the programme.  We have tried to keep a balance of the ground reality in finalising the quota.  But still there may be aberrations.  We would request you to kindly bear with us and co-operate so that the programme slated for 25th October, 2017 must ultimately be a resounding success.  Please therefore, ensure that the quota is exceeded so that our precept and practice would be in complete sync. (please see annexure for the quota)  To compel the present Government to retrace their steps(howsoever erratic and wrong it was), we are aware is quite difficult, as their political mobilisation is not based on the common perception of welfare of the downtrodden. We must realise that the lessons from the history is that the ultimate victory is of vox populi.  We are beginning our struggle on Wednesday, 25th October, 2017.confident of its final outcome howsoever prolonged it may be. 

We have prepared the charter of demands on the basis of the deliberations we had at the National Executive Committee meeting.  It has covered almost all the points that figures in the discussion.  Together it covers the aspiration, hope and anxiety of all pensioners.  We are confident that the movement will gather momentum over the years and those who still hope against hope that benevolence will usher in will realise the folly to give the requisite acceleration, for we believe in all earnestness that wider the platform, earlier the event of victory. 

Appealing to all of you once again for your utmost efforts and strenuous endeavour to make the programme on 25th the most memorable and successful, and thanking you with greetings,

Yours fraternally,
K.KN. Kutty
Secretary General.

1.       Implement Option No. 1. Recommended by the 7th CPC .
2.       Revise the pension of all BSNL Pensioners on IDA pay scale with 15% fixation benefit.
3.       Revise the pension of all pensioners of the Central Autonomous bodies.
4.       (a) Notional fixation of pay under Option No. 3. Must be based on the pay scales/Pay levels of the cadre or grade from which an employee retired.
(b) Implement the judgements of the Courts in the case of all pre-2006 pensioners, whose notional pay for the purpose of pension must be on the basis of the pay level/Grade Pay or pay scale of the grade/cadre from which he/she has retired.
5.       (a) Extend the benefit of the CCS(MA) Rules to all pensioners who are not covered by the CGHS (b) Do not discriminate the pensioners of the Union Territory; bring all pensioners  under the coverage of CGHS.
6.       Increase the FMA  to Rs. 2000/- as has been granted to the PF pensioners w.e.f 1.1.2016
7.       Raise the minimum pension to Rs. 12,000/- (2/3rd of the minimum wage) and make pension net of income tax.
8.       Restore the commutation loss of pension after 10 years
9.       Provide increased rates of pension on attainment of the age of 70 years
10.   Restore the Defined benefit  pension scheme as was in vogue prior to 1.1.2004 in respect of all Central Government employees by scrapping the Defined contributory pension scheme

All India Postal and RMS Pensioners Associations:                             400
All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Assn.       300
Income tax Pensioners Federation                                                          150
All India Audit and AccountsPensioners Association.                          50
All Central autonomous Pensioenrs Association                                 100
State Units:
Kerala-                                                                   10
AP-                                                                          25
Karnataka:                                                            20
W.Bengal:                                                             60
NE Region:                                                            05
Rajastan:                                                             40
MP –                                                                     10
UP –                                                                      10
Nagpur                                                                                 10
Mumbai                                                               20
Punjab –                                                              10
Bihar                                                                      05
Tamilnadu                                                           10
Gujarath                                                              10
North West Region:                                        10
Delhi.                                                                    15

The States for which separate quota is fixed will not include in their contingent, comrade pensioners of Postal, BSN,  Incometax, Audit and Account and Autonomous organisations. 

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