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Circular on 4th All India Conference held at Jaipur


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SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)

Dated: 4th November 2019
Dear comrade,

A Brief report of the all India Conference
of NCCPA held in November 2019

The 4th All India Delegates conference of NCCPA/ General Body meeting was held at Geeta Bhawan (renamed as Com. S.K.Vyas hall) Jaipur on 1st and 2nd November 2019. The Reception Committee under the Chairmanship of justice Shri. V.S.Dhave had made excellent arrangements. In all 220 delegates/observers had registered their presence at the conference. The Reception Committee could accommodate all of them at the venue itself.  Most of the delegates reached the venue on 31st October itself. 

Open Session

The inaugural and Open Session was held on 1.11.2019 at the specially built hall for that purpose. Comrade M.S.Dasora Coordinator Pensioners Portal for CGPA Rajasthan anchored the proceedings. Shri. Justice Dhave in his hilarious welcome address touched upon the tradition customs and conventions and the rich heritage of Jaipur as depicted in the great many monuments. He said that almost every building in Jaipur built centuries back will tell the story of bravery and courage of Rajasthani people especially the Rajputs. He appealed to the delegates to pay a visit to the monuments to refurbish their memory of the history of medieval India. He also stressed the importance of coordination as the absence of which even the best co-operation extended by the people may not be fruitful. He said that his team of Reception Committee members has strived its best to make the conference a grand success as also more comfortable for stay of delegates and visitors. 

Com. Shiv Giopal Mishra in his presidential address narrated the efforts undertaken by the NCCPA as also the Staff Side of the National Council JCM in which he and Com. Kutty work together in the last four years in resolving the problems of pensioners. Much improvement could not be registered in that direction solely because of the nugatory attitude of the Govt. He however expressed his surprise over the landslide victory the ruling party could register in the last parliamentary election. He also said that it would not be out of place if one has been compelled to think that a sizeable section of the pensioners must have voted for the continuance of this Govt. So long as the thinking process does not undergo and the policies of the party in power are not realized, there would be no way that the attitude of the Government could be made to change. He appealed to the comrade delegates to campaign amongst the pensioners the real reasons for the non-redressal of grievances of pensioners and bring about change in the polity of the country itself. He wanted the NCCPA widened its base to pay a vital role in the movement of the pensioners of the country.

Thereafter the session was addressed by almost all the office bearers of CHQ. Comrade KKN Kutty the Secretary General before conclusion of the inaugural session while proposing vote of thanks to the host unit its volunteers, Reception Committee members and others for their great services in making it possible to hold such a well attended conference had indicated various issues, demands proposals etc. that would come up for discussion in the conference. He also brought to the notice of the delegates that the report contained a brief summary and analysis of world events that happened in last four years as also the national scenario. He expected the subject session to be productive and fruitful with suggestion from the delegates to enrich the report and consequently the activities of NCCPA in the coming years.  

The national Executive met immediately after lunch to chalk out the procedure for the conduct of the conference and for piloting various proposals contained in the report. The meeting lasted for about two hours.

The subject session

The subject committee session commenced at 5.30 PM on 1st November 2019. The house stood in two minutes silence to pay condolence to all those who passed away during the period 2015 and 2019 including comrade Gurudas Dasgupta the leader of the CPI and former general secretary of AITUC ( who died on 31st October 2019.). The house approved the minutes of the last conference and appointed the Steering Committee to be headed by Comrade. K. Ragavendran and the Credential Committee chaired by Com. Somaiya. The house also ratified the grant of affiliation to various organization during the period under report by the National Executive.

In a brief presentation which lasted less than an hour Com. Secretary General presented before the house the important events and issues incorporated in the report which are to be deliberated upon by the house. He also moved the resolution on policy and programme. The various proposals contained for amending the provisions of the constitution as approved by the National Executive were also placed by the secretary General for the consideration of the house. The Secretary General said that the report contained proposal for a health insurance scheme and compendium of suggestions for improvement of the CGHS and requested the delegates to touch upon these proposals including constitution amendments while they make their presentation on the Secretary’s report. 

The CHQ Treasurer Comrade H.L.Sidhu had placed for the consideration of the house the audited accounts for the years ending on 31.3.2015, 31.3.2016, 31.3.2017, 31.3.2018 and 31.3.2019. The Statement of accounts also contained the receipt and payments in respect of the journal NCCPA News. He also submitted unaudited accounts for the period 1.4.2019 to 31.10.2019. The Subjects Committee session was conducted by a presidium consisting of Com. H.N.Joshi and Comrade. S. Rahman (both Vice Presidents of the NCCPA). The subject session was adjourned for the next day at 9.15 P.M.

Subjects Session on 2.11.2019:

In all 27 comrades representing various organizations and states participated in the discussions, which was conducted in a very disciplined manner. Barring a few, every speaker adhered to the directive of the presidium over the time allotment. The deliberation which commenced at 9.30 AM was concluded at 2.15PM. The house was adjourned for lunch and reassembled at 3.30 PM. The National secretariat met at 3.PM and considered the suggestions made by the speakers and decided upon its acceptance or otherwise. The subject session was reconvened at 3.30PM the following business was transacted thereafter.

1.    The Secretary General Summed up the deliberations and informed the house of the acceptance of the following amendments to the report.
a)    A paragraph will be added under national scenario over the outcome of parliamentary election in the country in 2019.
b)    A paragraph on the role of media in contemporary society.
c)    A write up on environment and climate change.
The report was placed for the approval of the house by the presidium. The house approved the report with the above amendments unanimously.

2.    Resolution on policy and programme also received the assent of the house.

3.    In respect of the accounts the clarifications sought by the house were provided by the Secretary General. The Statements of accounts were also adopted by the house unanimously.

4.    Coming to the amendments to the Constitution on the advice of the National Secretariat, the proposal for direct membership was deferred. It will be considered by the National Executive if it becomes necessary for the purpose of registration. The other amendments proposed were accepted which inter-alia included increasing the number of Patrons to 4 and Deputy Secretary General also to 4.

5.    The proposal to raise the membership fee to Rs. 2 per member per annuum and the journal subscription to Rs. 10 per copy were approved by the house.

6.    The proposal for the health insurance scheme contained in the report was also approved by the house.

7.    The compendium of suggestions to CGHS functioning will be enriched by some of the written proposal received from the delegates. After incorporation of those the suggestions will be submitted to the Health ministry by the NCCPA CHQ.

8.    The proposal to organize demonstrative programme by the pensioners on 8th January 2020 when the workers will be on strike against neo-liberal policies was approved by the house.

9.    The house directed the National Executive to meet regularly i.e thrice in a year and chalk out programme in pursuance of the charter of demands.

10. The next National executive was asked to be held by march/April 2020.

11. The house also wanted the next conference to be held within the stipulated period i.e November 2022. The next venue of the Conference was decided to be at Chennai where NCCPA Tamilnadu State Unit volunteered to host the Conference.

12. The house specifically adopted the proposal to pursue the demand for implementation of MACP with effect from 1.1.2006 and option No. 1 recommended by the  7th CPC.

On behalf of the outgoing National Secretariat Com. KKN Kutty presented a panel of office bearers for the ensuing term which was unanimously adopted by the house. The list of office bearers so elected at the conference is as per annexure 1.

The steering Committee chairman Com. K Ragavendran presented the resolutions received by the Committee and on behalf of the Secretariat for the consideration of the house. The adopted resolutions will be suitably re-drafted by the Secretariat and submitted to the Government. The resolutions adopted by the house indicated by its headings are in annexure 2 to this Circular.

The report of the Credential Committee was submitted by Com. Somayya to the house and the same was accepted. The full report will be placed on the website along with the minutes subsequently. A brief of the report is placed as annexure. 3.

On behalf of the presidium Com. Rahman delivered the concluding speech and comrade K.G. Jayaraj General Secretary AIBDPA on behalf of the National Secretariat proposed vote of thanks.

The presidium invited the newly elected office bearers to the Dias for a photo session.


List of Office Bearers elected in 4th AIC of NCCPA


1. VAN. Namboodiri
2. C.L.Mathur
3. R.P. Sharma
4. H.N.Joshi

President: Shiv Gopal Misra

Wkg.President: S.S.Roy (WB) 

Vice President: 

S.K.Sharma (Rajasthan) 
S.Rahman (Assam)
T.S.Parameswaran (Kerala)
M.L.Gupta (PNB)
J.P.Dhandre ( Nagpur)

Secretary General: K.K.N.Kutty 

Deputy Secretary General:

Pavithra Ranjan Chakraborti (WB)
K.Ragavendran (AIPRPA)
K.G.Jayaraj ( AIBDPA)
Prabhakaran Nair (Telengana)

Asst.Secratary General:

C.P.Shobana ( Kerala)
Ishwarsingh Dabas ( Delhi)
Ashok Kanti Ghosh (WB)
G.Saharajan (Kerala)
S.Mohandas (Tamilnadu)

Treasurer: H.L.Sidhu (Haryana)
Asst Treasurer: Sadan Banerjee (WB)

Organizing Secretary:

N.Somaiah (Telengana)
Subhash Pandey (U.P)
S.S.Maurya (U.P) 
Y.Nagabhushanam (AP)
K.K.Marotkar (M.P)
H.S.Thakur (M.P)

Auditor: Basudeb Sengupta (WB)

Resolutions adopted
1. Policy & Programme.
2. Option Number 1.
3. Pre-2006 Pensioners.
4. MACP date of effect.
5. MACP to promotees of Postal.
6. MACP on promotional hierarchy. 
7. Annual increment to 30th June retirees.
8. CGHS functioning.
9. CGHS wellness centres formed by merger of Postal Dispensaries. 
10. Extension of benefit of judgments to all similarly placed pensioners.
11. Restoration of revision of pension to BSNL absorbed retirees from 1.1.2017.
12. Immediate payment of pending medical bills and quarterly medical allowance to BSNL pensioners.
13. Method of treating the bsnl pensioners migrating to CGHS from BSNL MRS scheme.
14. Full pension to pre 2006 pensioners from 1.1.2006 instead of 1.1.2016.
15. Determination of CGHS subscription at the rates prevailing at the time of retirement to P&T Pensioners.
16. Creation of effective forums of redressal and Recognition Rules to Pensioners and their Associations.
17. Grant of Family Pension uniformly at the rate of 30% to Punjab National Bank Pensioners; periodical Pension upgradation and improving the medical insurance system to them. 
18. Enhancement of FMA to 2000/-.
19. Prompt issue of Revised PPOs.
20. On difficulties for drawl of additional pension to family pensioners.
21. Denial entitled DA/DP from 1.1.2016 as per COL Index.
22. Grant of 4600 Grade Pay to 6500-10500 scale pre 2006 retirees from 1.1.2006 itself;
23. Extending pension revision orders to compulsorily retired pensioners and pensioners receiving compassionate allowance.
24. Income tax exemption limit to senior citizens as 10 lakhs.
25. Scrapping NPS.
26. Observing TUI call every year in India.
27. Reduction of interest rates of SB deposits in Banks and POSB.
28. Grant of HRA to Pensioners.
29.Grant of FMA and medical facilities to pensioners of National institute of Ayurveda Jaipur.

Age wise report of the credential committee of delegates and observers.

Age between 50 and 60 years:                  1
Age between 60 and 70 years:                  153
Age between 70 and 80 years:                    57
Age between 80 and 90 years:                     9

Total:                                                              220

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