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NCCPA Circular

Website: nccpahq.blogspot.in.
13.c Feroze Shah Road,
 New Delhi. 110 001
President:                   Com. Shiv Gopal Misra.
Secretary General:     Com. K.KN. Kutty.

Dear Comrade,

            As per the decision taken by the NCCPA National Executive which met at Nagpur, a massive dharna  programme was organized at Meghdhoot Bhawan, Puza road, New Delhi on 25th October, 2017. 

A meeting of the National Secretariat will be held soon (the date will be communicated on 10th November, 2017) to review the implementation of the programme  and to chalk out further course of action in pursuance of the ten point charter of demands.  We had planned to elicit the participation of about 1000 comrades in the dharna programme on 25th.  We have reached near about that figure, thanks to the strenuous efforts of some of the affiliates and the State Units.  From the register of participants, in which many had not assigned their signature and other details due to some logistical difficulties gives a fair picture of the efforts of the various affiliated organizations It would not certainly be an exaggeration that the dharna was massive and there had been all-round enthusiasm from the members in the programme.  It is to the credit of NCCPA that it took the initiative in organizing a programme exclusively for the pensioners’ demands in the post 7th CPC period.  We take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who took the pains to come over to Delhi and participate in the programme and place our sincere gratitude to all affiliates and State Units for making all out efforts to ensure the success of the programme.  As per the reports, we have received, financial constrains has come in the way of mobilizing large number of comrades to participate and there had been last minute cancellation due to health problems by some of the Units.

            We could commence the dharna only at 11.30 AM due to various transport related problems, though large number of our comrades had assembled at the venue from 9.30 AM onwards.  The organizing committee at Delhi had to face innumerable problems on the eve of the programme.  The Delhi Police refused permission at Janta Mantar citing the NGT decision. We decided not to confront the Government and the Police authorities as we were eager to ensure hassle free event.   We had, with the help of the NFPE leaders obtained permission from the Chief Post Master General to hold the Dharna in the premises of Meghdhoot Bhawan.   However, the Delhi Police and IB contacted our organizing secretary Com. Deep Chand on 24th night to inform of the denial of the permission to organize the programme even  at  Meghdhoot Bhawan. 

            What degeneration has taken place in our democratic polity over the years became obvious on that night.  There was a time when lakhs of people used to assemble at Boat Club (located in front of the Rasht apathy Bhawan and the Parliament house) to voice their grievances and seek solution from the democratically elected Government and the party in power. Discernible was the resentment of the rulers from these vox populi demonstrations.   In the name of maintaining the cleanliness of the place, such demonstrations were first banned at the Boat Club which resulted in the opening the Parliament street-Jantar Mantar junction to air the voice of opposition. Police never permitted any demonstration there in which more than 3000 people participated.  For nearly two decades, that place became the venue for people from all walks of life to assemble and voice their protest.  Now the Green Tribunal has passed the order prohibiting any such demonstration to take place in front of Jantar Mantar on the same ground by virtue of which Boat club was closed down.  The days are not far off when the entire New Delhi would be barred for the Indian people except for the sycophants of the ruling coterie, which would enable the rules to hear only the voice in praise of them and be divorced from the reality of the people’s life who had elected them to power.   The organizing committee could ultimately overcome the difficulties and hold the dharma in a peaceful atmosphere at Meghdhoot Bhawan, for which we are no doubt grateful to the CPMG and the leadership of NFPE.   The programme went on upto 3.00PM.  Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra was the first speaker in his capacity as the President of NCCPA. The programme was inaugurated by the veteran trade union leader and the erstwhile leader of the telecom employees Com.VAN Namboodiri, Patron of NCCPA.  On behalf of the organizing Committee, Com. Deepchand conducted the proceedings of the house and Com. Rajinder Prasad of AIPRPA presided over. Com. KKN Kutty, Secretary General NCCPA informed the participating members of the need to fill up the register with the derails which could be used by the CHQ for a faster and effective communication mechanism in future.   He also drew the attention of the comrades of the Booklet which had been brought out by the NCCPA explaining the ten point charter of demands, which was being sold at the venue for a price of Rs. 10/-.  About 650 copies of the booklet were sold out at the venue itself.  We are proposing to send a few copies to all affiliates and State Committees to ensure that the same is sold and the publication cost realized.  Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary CITU and Member of Parliament were one of the prominent speakers.  The programme was concluded by his address to the members.  There had been a galaxy of speakers who were leaders of various Trade Union organizations and Pensioners associations.  Prominent among them were:
             M.S.Raja (SG Audit and Working President Confederation of CGE &W);
S.C.Maheswari (General Secretary, Bharath Pensioners Samaj)
 D.Balasubramanian (GS All India Federation of Pensioners Associations)
Com. K.G.Jayaraj (GS All India BSNL and DOT Pensioners Association) 
K.Ragavendran (GS All India Postal and RMS Pensioners association.
Com.Swapan Chakraborti (Dy.GS BSNLEU)
Ashok Ghosh (Dy.Secretary West Bengal COC of CGPA)
Com.  Somaiah (GS All India Ground Water Board  Pensioners Association)
Com. A. K. Kanojia (President, Income tax Employees Federation)
Com. Lajpat Rai (Patron,  Income tax Pensioners Federation)
Com. M.N.Reddy (General Secretary,  All Pensioners and Retired Persons Association)
Com. Rajinder Prasad Verma ( All India Vice President AIPRPA)
Com. Deep Chand. (State General Secretary, AIPRPA, Delhi) 

A delegation met the Chief Post Master General to hand over a memorandum addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister.  The CPMG has assured the delegation that the same will be officially forwarded to the Prime Minister’s office. A few photographs of the programme have already been placed on the website. 
            With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General.

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